Friday Question of the Day – What’s Your Favorite Piece of Outdoor Art?

I was gonna ask about sequestration this week but to be honest I’m just sick of sequestration. Yesterday I posted one of my favorite lion sculptures and others voted for their favorites. So to get as far away from sequestration as possible – I wanna talk outdoor art today. It can be either from a private residence or from a museum or government owned. For non private, I love the Kahlil Gibran memorial garden sculptures and poems. From a private home I love this origami crane from Dupont. What’s your favorite piece of outdoor art?

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  • Yoko Ono, Wish Tree, @ Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden

  • House 1 in the National Sculpture Garden

  • binpetworth

    There’s a laughing Buddha in the front yard of a home on 15th NW (I think that’s the street) that always has one glove on his raised hand. It cheers me up every time I walk by.

  • That would be pretty harsh if you were parachuting into the neighborhood and accidentally landed on that origami sculpture… Why do I always think of stuff like this? I don’t know.

  • Thank you (seriously) for calling it “sequestration” rather than
    “the sequester (sic)”

  • There’s a moose in my neighborhood that I’m quite fond of.

    • A Møøse once bit my sister…No realli! She was Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge – her brother-in-law…

  • The Goddess of Democracy statue replica at the Victims of Communism Memorial.

  • KSB

    Front yard at the corner of 6th and North Carolina Ave SE (if it’s still there!) Always loved that one.

    • The one of Olive Risley Seward? I like that one a lot too. I recently met someone who rents part of that house; as soon as he mentioned the statue I knew exactly where he lives.

  • The bad reliefs at the navy memorial
    The homeopathy memorial on ny ave
    The doors of the Jefferson LOC
    The Bartholdi fountain

  • There are some asparagus stalks in a front yard on P St in Logan Circle that amuse me.

  • There’s a velociraptor made of car parts on Alaska Ave NW, on the block east of 16th on the north side. It’s in a huge patch of viney ground cover and it looks awesome.

  • The Einstein statue on Constitution Ave. in front of the State Department/NIS buildings; lovely sculpture, tranquil setting.

  • Not in DC anymore, The Awakening.

  • My favorites aren’t here, but in Colorado Springs. They were made by Starr Kempf and are metal kinetic sculptures, that move when it’s windy (which is always there). His front yard has quite a few in it, and a few others have been moved to settle debts. Do a google search.

  • I would love to display large sculptures/outdoor works of art in front of my rowhouse on the U St. Corridor. There must be artists in the city who need a place to display his/her work. Any ideas? Would love to add some art for my little corner of the world to enjoy.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I really like Boxer Girl even though I’ve never seen it in person. I also like the French dude in Adams Morgan. And the silver elephant with nails sticking out on Biltmore.

  • public: the Awakening, and the lions on the Taft Bridge
    private: I used to walk by one every day on the 1700 block of Kilbourne Pl that I loved (I think it would be described as a kinetic wind sculpture). I’m almost positive that PoP featured it once, but I can’t find the post.

  • I am OBSESSED with the dinosaur bones on Alaska. I love driving by it every day!

  • This isn’t in the District, and I don’t know if it’s my #1 favorite, but I like the sculpture of Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog on a bench at the University of Maryland.

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