Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Eckington

This rental is located at 219 T Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Location, location, location!!! Beautifully updated condo is just a few minute’s walk to 2 Metros, the Metropolitan Branch Trail, shopping, and restaurants. The unit includes washer/dryer, Jacuzzi tub, extra storage, bike storage, and access to the roof top deck. Pets considered case by case. EZ 2 show!”

This 2 bed/ 1 bath is going for $1,700/Mo.

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  • That might be the smallest 2BR I’ve ever seen.
    Under 600 sq ft! That’s, like, Tokyo-sized.

  • Tiny for sure…but the price seems right. maybe even a goodish deal?

  • $1700 for a sub-600 sq ft apartment in eckington? yeah right. for that you should be able to get a 500+ sq ft studio in a part of town one would actually want to live. i know this is chopped into 2 bedrooms but it’s way too small for a roommate situation.

    • Seriously. Sheesh, I pay just under $1,500 (including utilities) for a 550-ish sq ft studio at the border of Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights (and it’s a recent rental, so that’s not a days-of-yore price I’m citing). I guess if you really, really want separate rooms, and the in-unit w/d and roof deck access (my building doesn’t have those amenities)…but from the look of the photos, that second bedroom barely even accomodates a twin bed.

      • Just under $1500 for a studio like that? I need to find something like that ASAP. Jealous.

        • Hard to tell what’s sarcasm and what’s not on the web, but…if you’re serious, check out Bernstein Management, as I think they had some similar apartments available recently for right around $1,500. (And yes, sad what passes for a “deal” in our crazy rental market.) Cons: my building is an older one, so no fancy amenities and granite countertop/stainless appliance kitchen for those who care about those sorts of things (same goes for bathroom). Pros: nice location, bike storage room (which really helps when you’re living in studio!), solid building with nice hardwood floors in the apartment, decent amount of space, and (thus far) at least, no BS/run-around from management the couple of times I’ve needed minor repairs.

    • Yeah you’re right, no one wants to live in Eckington…. The houses are abandoned and the streets are empty. There is tumbleweed. And everyone gets shot. Everyday. Please never go to eckington. Ever.

      • look, lets face it, eckington is mainly a place, like my neighborhood of bloomingdale a few years ago, that is simply a neighborhood that people moved to because they couldn’t afford better.

        eckington will be very desirable someday, but give it a few more years.
        and don’t sweat the haters.

        • It’s cute that you think you “made it” over in Bloomingdale. But, just a reminder, you’re two blocks away from one of the worst slums of DC: eckington.

          • I didn’t say bloomingdale “made it”, and you missed the point.
            I didn’t call it a slum. I love eckington.
            But I also understand the reality of the market, the perception that the neighborhood has, and how people search for and find homes.
            Do you really not know why there is a difference in the pricing and desirability of the two neighborhoods?

          • This is my favorite Popville comment ever. Laughed out loud.

      • Oh, please grow a pair. Eckington isn’t as scary as you fantasize. I live off Eckington Place and there are thousand-dollar condos going up down the block and the city’s largest and newest Harris Teeter a few blocks away.

        • You missed the sarcasm.
          eckington below mckinley is the nicest part, the ne section is bad and there is tons of drug dealing just north of McKinley.

  • I would urge anyone putting in a basement apt. to go for a spacious 1 bedroom rather than a cramped & dark 2. $1700 is a sweet price for a couple for a good one bedroom, but not so much for a roomie situation in a place like this.

  • First of all: no. Second of all: not a chance. Third of all: God that’s tiny for 2BR. Fourth of all: NO.

  • That’s overpriced, definitely.

  • It should really just be free to live in Ekington…

    It still cracks me up/drives me crazy reading what people want things to cost vs. what they actually do cost in DC.

  • I’m thinking about making my basement a rental. I live in Petworth less than a mile from Ft. Totten Station and a block away from the 64. It’s has a spacious 1 bedroom w/ a Den. It has a full bathroom, walk-in closet, built ins, fireplace, crown molding, 2 entrances, shutters on windows that let in plenty of light, ADT alarm system,kitchen w/ Granite & SS appliances, Full Size W/D, FIOS ready. Almost 1,000 sq ft. (992). What do you’ll think would be a fair price?

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