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Dear PoPville,

Coworkers just found a puppy in SW near Fort McNair [2nd & S St SW]. We’re taking him up to Washington Humane Society [NY Ave facility] now. He’s very friendly, but also extremely dirty, so he may have been missing for a few days.

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  • valentina

    Awww, he is so cute!!!!!! i wish I could have a dog!

  • He looks like a very good boy

  • Does he have pink coloring to him or is that just the photo? There have been a number of posts on the Brookland listserv about a dog with pink fur on his back running around the area. Wondering if it’s the same dog.

    • you think this dog walked from Brookland to SW Fort McNair?

      • Sorry….I forgot my DC map skills at home today. I was just trying to help figure out if this might be the same dog and possibly find his owners. Next time, I’ll keep the thought to myself unless I have my DC map in front of me.

      • That’s about 5 miles, give or take? Dogs can easily travel that distance, assisted or unassisted.

      • 5 miles is really nothing to a dog, big or small. They’re capable of traveling surprising distances.

    • No pink, he’s just off-white/gray with some black [which may just be grime].

    • I agree with you. This has got to be the same dog.

      That’s remarkable. Everyone on the Brookland list did say “he was running like the wind”.

  • That is probably a Bedlington Terrier, and he is probably at least two years old – too light to be considered a “puppy”. I am betting he has a chip and parents who are losing their minds. If not – Bedlington Rescue should be contacted immediately.

  • Has anyone checked to see if this little guy has a microchip? He looks like he may be a Bedlington Terrier, and Bedlington breeders virtually all require their dog adopters to have chips implanted. Somewhere there must be a Bedlington family FREAKING out about a lost puppy, but if they do not claim him, I will happily adopt this little guy.

  • Definitely definitely check for a chip, but I disagree that he’s necessarily a Bedlington. He looks a lot like my dog, who’s a mix of cocker spaniel, bichon, and a few other things.

  • I live in SW and think this dog looks somewhat familiar. A few weeks ago I was walking my dog on 4th Street SW (near the Carrollsburg/Tiber Island complexes) and a dog, without a leash, came running up to us. The dog was super friendly and appeared to have been a runaway — I snatched him up and began looking to see if there was anyone looking for a dog when I found a middle-aged African-American couple about two blocks away that apparently had been walking the dog without a leash. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same dog — as the couple didn’t seem too concerned that the dog had wandered a block or two ahead of them … You may want to put some signs up along 4th Street between O and M Street and see if you have any luck finding the owners.

  • Any luck?

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