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  • I want to re-do my vestibule. Previous owners ripped out the tile. I want to make it look more like the photo PoP has above. Can anyone recommend a contractor???

    • More power to you but the tiles in DC vestibules aren’t really affordable anymore. You can either buy newer replicas at around $5 per tile or buy originals which are typically even more expensive. One alternative is to find a house being gutted and pull the tiles out before they’re trashed (much harder to do this than it sounds). Another is to repurpose old fireplace tiles in the vestibule. I’m not certain but that almost appears to be what’s been done above (except for the bullnose) given then size of those tiles.

      I’ve tried to do the same thing as you and the most effective approach that I’ve found is to simply walk your neighborhood on a daily basis and look for permits in windows. Any house that looks like a candidate, you need to go back when there are contractors there and ask them if they (or you) can pull the tiles for you. The hardest part is not finding the house but finding the house before they’ve gutted the vestibue. And also getting permission from them to pull them out as most of the time a contractor is worried about liability if you offer to pull them yourself.

      Anyway, finding a contractor to actually put them up in your place is probably the easiest part. It can be done by just about any general contractor (search the POP website as I’m sure there is a lengthy discussion on recommendations). Getting the tiles is hands down the hardest part if you really want it to look like what’s above.

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