Don’t Worry This is Normal

Had to do a double check when I passed this dog on a roof next to Morgan’s Seafood off Georgia Ave. But when I called animal control they said it was all good – there is a ramp that the dog can climb up and stretch his legs and do some people watching when he wants. Now that I write this, I kinda feel like a reader once told us about this in the past. Anyway, fear not if you notice a dog checking you out from a roof while you’re walking around Georgia Ave., it’s cool. And actually pretty awesome once you realize he’s just chilling.

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  • C’mon, someone must actually know his name?

  • Can we have a regular “Don’t worry – this is normal” feature?

  • As long as no one puts pennies in the fish tanks, we’re good…

  • Kind of ironic that the prior post was about peru because this was a common sight in lima, peru where folks kept dogs on their open top floors as guard dogs to prevent thieves from coming over from the neighbor’s house.

    • Fairly common throughout a lot of Central and South America actually.

      • As someone who’s family is originally from Central America and has traveled extensively in South America, I can say I never have seen this. So perhaps not as “fairly common” as you suggest.

  • This place is open? It looks like it should be full of rats and transients. The dog is the most civilized piece of this picture.

  • The dog may be, but that building sure isn’t!

  • If you go into Morgan’s seafood, Romeo will introduce you to the dog. Both Romeo and his dog are extremely friendly.

  • I work right by this place and have seen a couple of dogs up there. On one occasion one of the dogs had jumped of the roof onto the sidewalk to bark/sniff it up with a dog who was being walked. Not quite normal in my book.

    • I would be absolutely terrified if a dog came flying off a roof at me and my dogs. I don’t care if he’s “friendly” or not.

    • When I walked by with my dogs, that dog jumped off barking at us and tried to attack us. Luck for us, the dog took a moment to compose himself, so I had a chance to cross the street quickly and get out of site.

      That dog should not be up there unrestrained.

  • Okay, fair enough the dog has a ramp but how is this building not condemned or Morgan’s made responsible for some upgrades. It is a freakin death trap!

  • Romeo is a lovely guy, Morgan’s has a grandfathered liquor license, so he can serve booze at any hour, Sundays included, and though it may be a little intimidating, the fish is tasty. I’ve eaten there many times and never had a problem–Romeo will respond to any freshness concerns and let you pick the fish yourself. Also, he sells live crabs, and will steam them for you. Morgan’s has been there for 81 years, folks. Get friendly and enjoy. He’s looking to expand as well.

    • Morris Morgan first operated a pool hall at the location from the late 1940s. However, Morgan’s Seafood only dates to 1963 which is 50 years (according the the Georgia Avenue/Pleasant Plains heritage trail, sign #16)

    • Agree with brightyellowhouseonsherman! Romeo Morgan is a great cook and seafood proprietor! I have gotten lots of his live crabs and had him steam them up for me with beer and Old Bay right there! All the seafood is very fresh. He needs a little work on his aesthetics, but his dad, the original Mr. Morgan of Morgan’s Seafood, kept it up much better.

  • OK, so the dog on the roof has been explained. What about the tires?

  • Morgan’s has been there forever and is apparently a community staple. That’s cool with me. They should stay.

    However, I do think the health department should shut them down until they modernize. Seriously we have rules for a reason and they are breaking all most all of them. I don’t care if they are grandfathered or what not.

  • I am sorry – a dog on the roof is just ghetto. If the roof had a deck and the dog had access to the deck, that is a different story. The tires too – just a nasty sight. The whole building looks nasty. I get that Romeo is a nice person, business owner, etc., but if he really cared about the neighborhood, he would put some energy into upgrading that building into something more attractive and safe. The building looks like it has not been upgraded since 1970.

  • Plus, it’s a nice photo of the street art on the side of Morgan’s.

  • Just because there’s shabbiness and dilapidation elsewhere doesn’t mean we can’t call it out when we see it.

    And this IS in NW.

  • That corner has SO much potential. If he doesn’t want to do the upkeep, then he should step aside and not hold back progress. Maybe he could move to one of the MANY vacant storefronts on that block and sell the corner property to a developer.

    I think the food and friendship that Morgan provides is a real asset to the neighborhood, but he needs to take care of his property. It’s an eyesore and very dumpy looking. It’s definitely holding back the neighborhood.

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