Dear PoPville – Are There any Renderings of Market at O Street?

Rendering via roadside development

Dear PoPville,

I live on 10th street near P street and I was wondering if you have ever seen an artist rendering of the Market at O Street that has shot out of the ground at breakneck pace.

You can read more about (and see a few more renderings of) the CityMarket at O project from Roadside Development here. And like you said, we’ll probably see the finished product in the near future!

View from 7th and Q St, NW this morning from PoPville contributor ShawBob

ShawBob also sends a current look at Jefferson at Market Place on 7th between Q and P:

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  • not a rendering, but a sweet sweet time lapse…

    • Man, that was SUPER COOL. They really have their marketing down for this things. The blog is pretty open & straightforward and they already have a busy Facebook page.

      Pretty interesting.

  • also if you all would like to check out the blog for citymarket at o here it is:

  • Do they have their residential real estate site up yet? I’m not able to find anything regarding prices and floor plans.


  • Which will be completed first: these projects, the Petworth Safeway, or the Brightwood Walmart? I feel like I’m forgetting something.

    • As part of the CityMarket at O team and the blogger, thank you all for your interest and compliments on the project. We are working on our mock-up unit and will have pictures of it for the public when we get it perfect and the unit floor plans are in the works.

      CityMarket at O wins the race to open first. The marketing center will open in May, first renters move in in October 2013 and Giant will open for customers in November 2013. So start getting your Thanksgiving shopping list together because November is coming fast.

      The amenities top everything in the market and include a penthouse dog park and grooming station, amazing design and finishes, 60′ lap pool, 6,000 sq ft gym with state-of-the-art equipment, classes and trainers and an outdoor ipe deck for morning sun salutations.

      • In other words, one bedrooms starting at $2500.

      • Do you know if there will be a public gym with the project? All I really want for Christmas this year is a gym east of 9th St.

        • Agreed! With that and the project coming to Florida between 9th and 7th you’d think. I had heard a while ago that Town Danceboutique was losing it’s lease and moving. That would make a great spot for a gym too.

        • So many neighbors want a gym in this area and I agree with them. The new buildings going up have private gyms for residents… so; area residents will probably not get one unless the buildings sell memberships. It would be amazing if they sold memberships to the pool and gym. The Vida on U sold out of pool/bar memberships fast. This is clearly an untapped resource that so many want.

        • well there’s the kennedy rec center gym. $10/month for dc residents (at least it was when I went. might be a little higher now). gym is small but has everything i would need as in free weights, bikes, treadmills. plus all the bb courts. i dunno why newcomers never go to the rec center it’s not a scary place.

    • I talked to a buddy who rents heavy equipment and has been working with the Brightwood Walmart. That Walmart has every intention of being open for Black Friday. They are working at breakneck pace, working Saturdays and Sundays on the site, I don’t see why they cant make it.

  • I called the company that owns the building a few weeks ago and asked for a quote on a place. They said they expect them to run for a little more than $3/sq ft for a one bedroom. Pretty decent …

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