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  • Pretty, and not evident for long, as CAS Riegler has begun to pull the permits for this project: “1250 9th Street is a 64,500 square foot, urban in-fill, mixed-use development project located in the heart of Washington. At completion, the project will contain a total of 70 residential units and approximately 8,200 square feet of ground floor retail one block away from the Mount Vernon/ 7th Street Convention Center Metro station. The development will be four levels of residential plus a penthouse level with separate townhomes and the ground level retail can accommodate two full- service restaurants.”

  • I’m really happy with how all this is playing out. I think the current OCG makes more sense as retail with housing above. And it’s fantastic that OCG is going to help to fill in the commercial dead zone on RI Ave between Logan and Shaw. The schools act like a barrier that keeps people from walking up and down RI on that stretch. Bad urban planning.

  • I am happy to see this posting, I’m the artist that made this mural.
    It has been incredible to see the mural first in the lushness of Old City Green and now as it is in a barren lot. Soon it will be a ghost, only documentation.

    Hopefully Frank and I can work together later to do another mural in the new lot. For those of you out there- if you are interested in having a mural in a public space in DC- let me know. I would love to make some more.

    my website: http://www.kateclarkprojects.com, e-mail: kateclarkprojects@gmail.com

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