Union Market News: Red Apron, Cordial Wine Now Open; Takorean Applies for Liquor License

1309 5th Street, NE

Union Market continues to get more options. I stopped by on Sunday and it was smashed crowded. Since I last stopped by in December – Red Apron and Cordial Wine have now opened and Takorean has applied for a liquor license.

And I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a roof deck beer garden one day…

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  • Anybody has any idea of the destiny of the merchants that were in Union Market before it was renovated? There were a few butchers, veggie stands… where did they move to? Seems unlikely they just closed shop?

    • I believe many of them just closed up shop. One of the produce vendors I think is the only one left. Harvey’s meats was housed in another old location but has been operating in DC for something like 70 years, so I guess you could count them as an “old school” market vendor. They were even in the original O St Market I believe.

    • Not sure, other than Harvey’s and Alma’ala Farms, which I believe was also in the original farmers market.

      I’m fairly sure the farmers market building was gutted by a fire a year or so before Edens took over, so they may have been displaced well before the Union Market revamp.

      • I don’t think the current Union Market building didn’t had a fire, it was one of the other buildings in the complex the next block over (that’s where Harvey’s was previously).

        To the seafood comment below, when it first opened there was occasionally a seafood vendor set up where the dining tables near Takorean/pickle stand are. Basically a long table with buckets (literally) of various seafood. It was odd. I would love to see a real fishmonger open up in there as well.

  • bfinpetworth

    We talked last night about going over there for some pre-Superbowl shopping on Saturday. Were there before the Christmas and were impressed, albeit a bit shocked at the juxtaposition of this high-end high-priced market next to the various wholesale shops in the old section of the market. It brings the “two DC’s” into such close and glaring proximity. I wonder how long it takes before other high-end joints to take over space outside of the official Union Market space.

  • I was there on Sunday also – for the first time. Awesome place. Really enjoyed it. Had samplings from a bunch of the different vendors, but there is too much to try all in one visit, so I’ll be back soon. At this point, while most vendors have a combo of things to eat/drink there versus foodstuff to take home to cook yourself, I think they are still missing a couple types of vendors to make it a true subsitute for an upscale grocery – specifically, a fish market and dairy.

    • saf

      There’s already a dairy – Trickling Springs is there.

    • There is a dairy vendor – Trickling Spring Creamery. They are closed on Sundays however, it is an Amish run shop.

      I also believe a seafood vendor is slated for an open area on the east side of the market, so hopefully soon!

  • Everyone in the top pic looks like they all shop at the same stores to include CLothing/Shoes…… Dreadful

  • I <3 Union Market!

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