Third Question Posted for DC At-Large Council Candidates – Education

In light of the debates swirling around the District around education this week in particular, Let’s Choose DC (a partnership of PoPville, Greater Greater Washington and DCist) asked the at-large candidates about their vision for education:

DC’s education system has improved in recent years for many kids, but many schools remain inadequate to our children’s needs. If you could design a better school system for DC, what would it look like? Would we have more teacher evaluations or fewer? More charter schools, fewer, or different ones? More or fewer kids going to local schools? How else would your school system differ structurally from the one we have today?

Seven candidates responded: Diallo Brooks, Matthew Frumin, Patrick Mara, Perry Redd, Pedro Rubio, John Settles, and Elissa Silverman. Since last week, AJ Cooper has dropped out. Anita Bonds and Michael Brown did not respond for the third week in a row.

Check out the responses at Let’s Choose DC.

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  • Is AJ Cooper ever going to pick up his campaign signs from the last election?

  • These are great! I read every single response and vote. Before I always felt poorly informed when it came to local elections.

  • Would reasonable people conclude that Anita Bonds and Michael Brown are the highest likely vote getters in this election? If that’s the case, is their failure to participate undermining this project?

    It would be nice to see them engage with the PoP, GGW, or DCIst-reading community. But apparently we aren’t enough to interest them.

  • It looks like Mr. Zukerberg didn’t respond either. Interesting in that his bio on the site notes that he is a Founder of E.L. Haynes.

  • Very helpful series. Hopefully, Brown and Bonds will cancel each other out when it comes to voting time.

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