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  • I was hoping the raze it and build something new. Its kind of an old, ugly building. I hope, at least, it gets a new skin and some street level retail on K st.

    • The tweet seems to say “new building” so it sounds like you will get your wish.

    • I thought the fate of this building was well-known. Boston Properties, the owner, filed for a raze permit on the old NPR building way back in September. Demolition is scheduled for March, I believe.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The tweet says a brand new building.

  • The current A&P offices are in a beautiful building at 12th/F – with a cool entrance/atrium, and a marvelous roof – a shame to leave that building. Their departure will add to the chasm formed by the departure of H&H and the collapse of Howrey – all in a block of each other. With the FBI leaving – there seems to be alot of available office space along Penn Ave….

  • I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder – I’ve always liked this building.

    • I gotta agree.

      Maybe I was slightly biased in the building’s favor on account of NPR being the tenant, but still… seems nice enough to me.

      • To be honest that might also be part of it for me, but to me this building has clean lines, fits the site well, and has a cool sort of 60’s vibe to it (though I don’t know when it was built). I’m betting that whatever they replace it with will have that 2010’s vibe that most folks will say is ugly 40 years from now…

      • The issue is one of size and usability. The current NPR building doesn’t even come close to maximizing the site’s footprint–the new building will have twice the square footage of the old one. Right now, the setbacks of the current structure from the sidewalk are really far, and there are also the wasted surface parking behind the building fronting 6th Street.

        • The set-back is part of what I like about it, but obviously it doesn’t maximize the revenue potential of the site.

        • Right, so this classy, understated modern structure will be replaced with something bloated and ugly that looks dated 20 years from now.

  • NPR is at 635 Mass Ave.

  • Even though those nasty Republicans cut funding for NPR, they were still able to find the funds to build a new building in NOMA. Go figure! HA!

    • They were able to from selling money in a hot neighborhood and building in a transitional. It was essentially a property swap.

  • There’s a rendering of the new building here:

    I don’t mind it, but it will be hard to beat A&P’s current office space, which is really beautiful.

  • Hopefully there will be ground floor retail, and not just some dumb lawyers’ offices.

    • The Bisnow link says top-flight office and retail. In addition to the Georgetown University Downtown Campus going in across Mass Ave, that block is set to be a bit livelier. Hopefully whatever retail goes in is not limited to workday uses.

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