Table Finally Opening Friday January 18th in Shaw

903 N Street, NW

From a press release:

Chef Frederik de Pue, owner of 42° Catering, and former Executive Chef of Smith Commons is pleased to announce this Friday, January 18 as the official opening date for his breakout solo restaurant project, Table, located at 903 N Street NW in the Mt. Vernon / Shaw / Logan boundary neighborhood. Doors open at 5pm for dinner service.

“It’s been a longer road than I anticipated to get Table open” said Chef de Pue. “But, we’re all very ready and excited to get people in to experience the space, to taste the food we’ve been working on, and to enjoy themselves at our new spot.”

In anticipation of the celebratory atmosphere with the upcoming Inaugural and Federal holiday events, Table will also be open for dinner service on Monday, January 21st from 5-11pm, offering neighborhood residents and guests the opportunity to stop by and say hello, enjoy a glass of wine or try something on the menu before heading off to celebrate.

On a longer term basis, Chef de Pue aims to make the 50-seat restaurant a neighborhood spot that favors open seating (no reservations are taken) as a place that offers a simple, intimate and reliable dining option with seasonal ingredients and simple preparations – all on view in the contemporary open kitchen on the ground floor.

The menu will change to reflect product availability and seasonality, offering dishes like Burgundy Snails with White Beans and Spinach; Bison Hanger Steak, Garlic Frogs’ Legs and other rare or atypical DC menu items. Regular offerings include Mussels Provencal; Tagliatelle with Tomatoes, Ricotta, and Basil, and Hazelnut Fritters in Chocolate Lemon Sauce. Table will also offer a selection of cheeses and charcuterie, in addition to wine and craft beer. (No full bar).

Hours: Dinner service only. Tuesday – Wednesday, 5pm-11pm, Thursday – Saturday, 5pm-midnight, and Sunday, 5pm – 10pm. Closed Mondays.
There are plans to add breakfast, lunch and weekend brunch beginning in February

First level interior (photo credit: Juan Carlos Briceno)

Second level interior (photo credit: Juan Carlos Briceno)

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  • lordy! A restaurant not owned by Thievery Corp! Praise jebus!!

  • Love the Dickensian Workhouse furnishings! I always look forward to sitting on a hard backless bench while dining on my frogs legs.

  • They did a great job of making a hideous building look cool and inviting, and I can’t wait to try the place. I agree with victoria, however, on the hard backless benches.

  • looks great! cant wait to try it out. congrats!

  • Kudos to Chef de Pue (and all small business owners) for navigating, weathering, and surviving DCRA.

    I cannot wait to visit Table!

  • interior looks nice, but the execution on the painted building doesn’t quite work. still, good news as long as the prices aren’t out of control.

  • Unfortunately, the menu doesn’t interest me at all. I am SO over pork belly and have no interest in a bison steak. I guess I won’t be trying Table any time soon.

    • Sounds like you should try patronizing an outback. I think the menu looks great, especially the sweetbreads and monkfish.

  • Looks cold, uninviting, and like it would have a serious noise problem.

    The menu manages to be both pretentious and boring. Quel accomplissement. Chapeau.

    But the kicker: no reservations? No thank you. I will give this one a pass.

    • figby

      Why do places do that no-reservations thing? Nothing kills the spirit of the evening like standing around forever and waiting for a table.

      And then you sit at the communal table bench next to the guy with restless leg syndrome.

  • The menu looks expensive for a neighborhood bistro…

  • Anyone know if this is pronounced “tay-bull” like the English word, or “tah-bluh” like the French word?

  • I’ve been really excited for this to open and still looking forward to trying it. But it does look like it will be uncomfortable and loud (with all the hard surfaces). The photo of the second floor interior looks EXACTLY like the dining hall at summer camp (this is not a good thing…)

  • Absolutely beautiful interior A break from the too folksy and the too slick and hard modern.
    The grey exterior and name signage look great, too!

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