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  • COOL! Now if we could just get a hockey season, I’d have an excuse to go down there and try it.

  • Anyone tried it yet??

  • Not the best location to sell pizza or pretzels. Seems like an afterthough to build the structures in the alleyway.

    • You call that an alley? I dont know the market for pretzels but this is a GREAT spot for slices. You do know where this is right?

      • I don’t think any of those kiosks do very good business. Nobody ever seems to be in the smoothie place. The crepes place never has a line. This pizza looks very, very average but didn’t try it. I picture the ideal slice as being thick and overloaded with vegetable toppings with a crisp crust and drizzling of cheese. These look more like greasy jumbo slice junk. Just doesn’t seem like there’s a market in that location for it.

        Also, I get English as a second language hurdles, but if you’re going through the effort to start a business I just think it shows a lack of attention to detail when there are spelling errors on the menu.

        • Maybe they don’t pay attention,to detail, but with all the kids and tourists that hang out there, plus Verizon center and the theater, I bet they will do great selling blah slices. Cheap, accessible, easy to grab snack is perfect there. In my opinion, anyway.

        • I can tell you that the smoothie place does pretty well and makes great smoothies

        • I think you are greatly overestimating the average Chinatown consumer.

  • The pizza is okay for their first go at it…though the slices I had today where made with that pre-made crust!!! It’s owned by the same guys who make the crepes next door!!! For $3.00 a slice and $2.00 for a hot dog they have doing great especially when Verizon has an event!!!

  • Has the rowdy groups of teenagers problem been solved yet? I hardly ever go over there anymore because the vibe is not that welcoming to adults.

  • I went to a movie on Friday night and there were lots of people eating slices. It’s a good option to avoid overpriced movie theater snacks.

  • I’m surprised Auntie Anne’s closed down so quickly. Those pretzels sell like gangbusters at the malls…

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