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  • They misspelled “fowl” as “foul”, just like the Ethiopian place at Ga and Irving did. I pointed out the mistake to them–and what it means–but they let it stand.

    • That’s what I initially thought upon reading the menu… but it looks like there’s no poultry involved.

      I’m assuming that the Amharic (?) name for the dish is pronounced “foul,” but given what it means in English, it seems like it would be better to sidestep the term entirely and call the dish “Fava Beans” or “Ethiopian Hummus” or something like that.

      • saf

        There is a very similar Lebanese dish, sometimes spelled “foul” and sometimes spelled “ful.”

        And yes, it is all vegetables, generally fava beans.

    • Anon: not misspelled. Check your pedantry.

    • Wow. Before accusing others of making errors, you might want to have some clue. Foul/fuul/ful has nothing to do with fowl.

  • Oh no – someone should tell them that no one is going to order “Foul with Eggs” – it should be “Fowl”!

  • saf

    This makes me sad. I mean, good for them, but I miss my Kenyan food.

  • They don’t mean “fowl” they mean “fool” – Arabic for fava beans. Very common staple in Egypt and other nearby countries.

  • Its not a misspelling, its thel name of the dish (fava bean paste – like a type of hummus). Its often spelled Ful in English with an accent over the “u,” to avoid the confusion, but in arabic or amharic the name for fava beans and fava bean paste are pronounced Foul, or more like Fooul with an extra ‘o” sound.

    Just google “Foul Mudammas” or “Egyptian foul” or “Ethiopian foul” and you’ll get images and recipes.

  • Goodness people. Just because you don’t know what foul/ful is does not mean it isn’t a food eaten by hundreds of millions of people across a very large swath of the world.

    I suspect that 90% of the people who eat at this restaurant will know what it is when they read it. And if you don’t understand what something on the menu is it’s safer to ask rather than to assume the owners are stupid.

    And yes, I wish they would bring back the old menu with the nyama choma and sukuma wiki.

  • Yep, it’s a super tasty bean dish that folks eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I haven’t been to this place but I am a huge fan of Keren Restaurant at 18th + Florida. Ful and one egg is the perfect meal.

  • Mmmmmm, menu looks great!

  • Beef ribs and goat stew sounds good!

  • Where is the mbuzi choma? Tusker?

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