Rosa Mexicano Launching $15 “Lunch Crunch” in Penn Quarter and $12 in Chevy Chase

Photo courtesy of Rosa Mexicano

From an email:

Rosa Mexicano Penn Quarter is rolling out a $15 Lunch Crunch complete with all their house favorites on one plate. Starting January 15th on weekdays from 11:30am-4:00pm, guests can enjoy the following perfectly portioned lunch “tray” complete with a sweet finish

Guacamole en Molcajete: Signature green goodness with warm house-made tortilla chips
Baja Fish Tacos: Line-caught crispy local fish with jalapeño tartar sauce
Tortilla Soup: Pasilla chile, grilled chicken, avocado and crema
Flan de Rosa: Vanilla-espresso flan served on a warm, ancho chile brownie

The special is also available for $12 at Rosa Mexicano Chevy Chase.

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  • Looks good, but not a lot of food… i count six chips lol

  • Jeez…the so called “dc food scene” has really gotten ridiculous. $15 bucks for that?

    One tiny taco, 6 tortilla chips, a couple spoon fulls of soup and a tiny piece of flan?

    I am guessing they anticpate you having to buy 2 or 3 to feel satisfied.

  • I’d say MAYBE $10-12 is a fair price for that (even in the DC food scene). And then you factor in table service. wtf!? I’m a fan of Rosa Mexicano but I’m sad to say I’m unimpressed with this ‘deal’. I’ll stick with their HH. Way better deal and there’s booze involved.

  • Does that only include one taco???

  • It looks like an airplane meal! (remember when they used to serve those?)

  • Jesus. I can’t believe how little food that is. 6 chips and a two bite taco for $15 plus DC’s 10% tax and tip. Do you know how many sandwiches you can get at Pot Belly’s for that price?

  • Talk about putting Yuppie wallets in a vice and squeezing them dry. Has to be one of the worst deals in DC lunch history.

    I hated that place before I saw the deal, now I feel like they’re openly mocking everyone in this city by putting that out for us to bite.

  • I like what they’re trying to do (and, in fairness, all the other downtown restaurants charge $20-25 for a prix fixe 3-course lunch), but that’s not much food — and usually they give you more chips than that for free! If they added another taco, it would be a deal and I’d definitely give it a try…

    • This place has barely above mediocre food. Tried it twice, left unimpressed and there are about 500 people on Yelp who’ve had the same “meh” experience.

      And there is a pretty enormous differnce in not only quantity but quality between what you get from an actual upscale downtown restaurant like J&G for a 22 lunch deal, and this joke of a deal.

      I agree with Dolph, this isn’t just ridiculous, it is pretty offensive.

    • Boqueria which I would put at the same level, at least price/ambiance wise as RM offers a $12 lunch deal that includes a salad, patatas bravas and a sizeable sandwhich. Much better deal (and better food) IMO.

  • Does it bother no one else that it’s cheaper in Chevy Chase for the exact same thing?

  • Maybe, just maybe if their food didn’t suck so bad this could be an ok deal despite the very little amount of food. I really, really wanted to like this place as they are family friendly and being a native Texan I love Mexican food but the last 3 times I’ve been recently (twice in Chevy Chase and once downtown) the food has either been meh or downright gross. The only reason I’ll go back is maybe for a drink at the bar during hh.

  • SRSLY “Line-caught crispy local fish” ????

  • Did anyone see at the bottom of the menu where they guarantee it will take 20 minutes so serve this dish? Seriously? It won’t take that long to eat it. How hard is it to plop a scoop of guacamole, 6 chips, and a premade bowl of soup on a tray?

    • wow, you are quite a sleuth! good find! what else can Rosa Mexicano possibly do to annoy the commentariat more?

  • Good think I JNOW know not to eat Rosa for lunch. Considering what $15 gets you at Chopt, California Tortilla, or any place else withing two blocks.

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