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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Walked out of the house this morning to find that someone had thrown a brick through the front driver’s side window of our car. Nothing stolen, so I guess it was just for fun? Stupid punks.
    Rave: After waking up almost every hour on Friday and Saturday nights, my son slept from 11pm to 5 am this morning. Amazing! Even the broken window didn’t phase me very much.

    • Sorry to hear that. The same thing happened to my neighbor’s car this morning as well. The front passenger side window was smashed.

    • btw, does anyone know about how much it costs to fix a broken window?

      • Usually around $300, depending on your car, type of glass, etc. If you get lucky, sometimes your repair person can find a used window from a junk yard (or you can do that yourself) and it can be cheaper.

      • When my passenger window was smashed it cost me $160, I picked a provider through my insurance and I got a discount for going through State Farm to book the repair, although insurance paid nothing since it was under a deductible. I have a 2006 Civic for reference.

      • FYI: Progressive insurance offers a $0 or $50 glass deductible.

        My favorite part about leaving Geico for my fiance’s Progressive plan was asking them if they could match that. Obviously, not!

        • Really? I’m on Geico and I have a $50 deductible on my comprehensive coverage.

          I used to have the $500 deductible but I found out it would only cost a few dollars more per month to switch to the $50 deductible.

          If it matters, I’ve been with Geico for nearly twenty years now.

  • Rant: Stupid warm weather and highs in the 40s for the foreseeable future. And for you enjoying this warm wather, just wait until this summer when we are all broiling in 100+ degree temps for most of it.

  • Rant: G8 bus was 30 minutes late and then too packed to get on.
    Rave and Rant: It felt like Florida outside.

  • RANT: People in a “cube farm” who have personal conversations with someone on the other side of the wall. Please take your conversations to the hallway so the rest of us can focus on doing our jobs.

  • Revel: Fog blowing in the wind. Great shot of the ice rink/fog….

    Rant: My front porch and all that is on it is soaking wet from all the moisture in the air!

  • Rant: I hate my job and have no other prospects. I’m not a go-getter and don’t aspire to great wealth or power; I just want a job that is moderately engaging and that allows me to get stuff done, leave every day at 5:00, and then get on with my life.

    Rant: No partner and no prospect of one. Feeling like a complete reject, especially when surrounded by happy couples. Also, still pining over my former boyfriend.

    Rave: I have a job that pays well, a nice little apartment, no debt, no dependents, fun friends, and vast amounts of social and socioeconomic privilege.

    Rant: I feel really guilty for complaining about my job.


    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

    • I feel ya about the job. It’s depressing to consider this being my life for the next 30 years. Work should be fufilling. I hope you find something soon that you love.

      My pipe dream of an ice cream biz keeps me going sometimes.

      • Ice cream: You can do it! Lemme know when you’re hiring; I’m in!

        (There’s lots of frozen yogurt and gelato in DC but no real ice cream culture. Seems strange for a hot city, especially when ice cream is huge in cold places like New England and the Midwest. It’s certainly a bummer for this Midwesterner.)

        • oh, I know – I just can’t imagine the start up cost or anything. It’s a pipe dream, like I said. Though I might start doing made-to-order just for fun (sell it at cost). Like, “my girlfriend’s birthday is this weekend and she loves rum raisin! can you make it?” and it’ll have a custom label for that person and everything….just to do it for fun and get my name and product out there for now!

        • doesn’t seem too strange to me. we’re also a health conscious city and people consider ice cream to be a rare, fattening treat whereas people think yogurt can be eaten pretty regularly without having to feel guilty about it. (not saying I agree, but it’s true.)

          • SouthwestDC

            Also, I’m guessing that New England the Midwest have a larger population of people that can tolerate lactose. Frozen yogurt and gelato are a lot easier to digest and therefore more appealing to those of us that cannot.

          • possibly, but I wouldn’t sell just ice cream…I’d probably do a coconut milk based offering and sorbet(s), as well as baked goods. A one-item business wouldn’t do well, I don’t think. Ideally it’d be an ice cream shop with other offerings and great coffees to keep people coming year round (though, I crave ice cream when it’s cold…lol).

          • even still, the sad reality is that yogurt has somehow marketed itself as a marginally healthy treat, while people view ice cream, sorbet, and even low-fat ice cream (yuck) as verboten. but hey, look at the success of pitango. I think this just underscores the need for a very, very solid business plan backed up by lots of research.

          • The forgurt is also cursed. But it comes with a free topping!

      • Open an ice cream place in the Shaw, Bloomingdale area and you’ll make a fortune.

        • hehe I know, I just need a fortune to open it!
          But, I’m working on the beginning – have a friend working on a web site and logo to at least spur me on to continue the dream!

      • My pipe dream is opening a barbecue joint. Unless I win the lottery, I don’t think that will ever happen.

    • Feel you on the partner thing. I have a great job with good pay, but my personal life is kinda meh. Guess you can’t have it all.

    • Open a Subway restaurant. The franchise fee is only $15,000 and 98% of all Subway restaurants that have ever opened are still open.

      They have an amazing corporate support structure and will help with a lot of the hard work getting set up.

  • Rant: sometimes life plays jokes on you. My husband is so excited to become an uncle (to a child he will likely see maybe once a year, knowing his sister) and it feels like he is more excited than about our possibility for a kid. Perhaps because her baby is certain, and ours isn’t, but it makes me feel like a failure even though the issues are on his side. He can’t see why I feel this way and goes through life like it’s certain we’ll have a kid soon enough.
    Rant: I think I’d be content to have a life without a kid, but instead it’s needles, surgeries, days off work and thousands of dollars because…
    Rave: eventually, he’d be a great papa. It’s just all very hard to digest. And all very depressing to me. I feel like I’ve already lost.

    Rant: not wearing a jacket to work. In January. WTF?

    • novadancer

      hang in there – you aren’t alone! I think I’ve seen your posts over on DCUM too.

      • Probably – I’m the one person, I think, who has found that place helpful for our situation. I think the IF section is probably the only hospitable area!

        We start the big stuff next week, after a weekend of hearing my MIL talk about the pregnant one, who is perfect and poops rainbows and cupcakes. And who recently complained about being so pregnant she can’t put her own socks on. And she’s a doctor. I would just love to see her bedside manner in action. I just don’t think I am ready to potentially be a let down, and it’s making me feel worse about it.

      • …and knowing I’m not alone, and more of us are public about it than ever, is a good comfort. My coworkers CONSTANTLY ask me when we’re going to have a kid – as if it’s any of their business. I finally said, “well, what if I can’t have one? What then?” and they shut up.

        • haha! Another reply is: “Well, you, my husband, and I should sit around a table and come up with a plan. What do you say?”

          • I don’t understand how asking people their reproduction plans is an exceptable topic of discussion. Oh wait, it isn’t – they’re asking me because i’m a young woman. They wouldn’t ask a young man that. I have also said, “when I don’t find children so annoying” or, “you talk so much about yours, I don’t feel I need my own”.

        • I hate that question! I know people mean well, but I feel like they’re butting into an extremely personal issue. I mean, I wouldn’t ask what position was used to conceive their child. It’s just rude.

          Just because I’m in my early 30s doesn’t mean that I have to have a kid, and if we do decide to have one, it’ll be a decision between my husband and I.

    • I hope those fertility interventions are a great success, if that’s what you want. But, let me share this: when they are, you are going to need to draw on a deep well of support and accommodation from those around you, especially the ones who are currently driving you nuts: your MIL, the SIL who you’ll probably be mutual guardian designee, co-workers who cover for you, and, of course, your spouse. So, put your self in a better place as you go through the process.

      • Why will my MIL/SIL be “guardian designeed”? Or, is this if I die? In which case, I also have a sister and parents (who are still married, unlike my MIL). Also, I have very supportive friends who have children, one through IVF herself, who I am able to confide in unlike my MIL/SIL.
        And of course my husband will be there when we have a child….it’s what he wants. But men view this whole process a lot differently, so it isn’t always that simple.

        But in terms of “I’m going to need everyone’s support”, I know you mean well, but I think with fertility (for the others out there), you really only need the support of a select few who are actually providing support vs. informing everyone in your life which makes it worse. I really only need my mom, who had her own trials with fertility…and when it comes to having a child, the last advice I would listen to would come from my MIL/SIL. I’m glad I have sane, supportive, loving parents. I know my kid would always be in good hands with grandparents like that!

  • Rant/Rave: Husband still kicking my butt on runs but I’ve still definitely got the edge in the pool! I love working towards a tri with him.
    Rave: Finished all of my thank you notes this weekend – feels good to send them out after Christmas.
    Rant: Having to send one just to my Aunt because my Uncle passed away a few weeks ago….
    Rave: Family visits lined up for the next couple of weekends.

    • Additional Rant: Doesn’t look like there will be any chance of snowboarding around DC any time soon with this weather… ugh.

  • Rave: Nice weekend filled with packing away Christmas stuff, writing thank you notes, building new barstools for our kitchen breakfast bar, football, and wedding planning

    Rant: Gray weather is bringing me down, despite the cool fog.

    Question: Any suggestions on an engagement photo shoot location? Would like to have a short-list in mind before emailing my years-long favorite photographer, Pablo 🙂

    • When are you thinking of doing it? Because the National Arboretum is very cool but could be too cool depending on when you do it. If inside, what about a place like Air and Space? or Union Station?

      We did an informal one at an apple orchard in Maryland.

    • pablo .raw

      maybe Pablo can give you some ideas 😉

    • SouthwestDC

      I’d pick a place where you two spend a lot of time, or one that reflects your interests and personalities, so it’s more meaningful.

    • I like Yards Park. We did ours at the National Portrait Gallery because it rained the day of our shoot. I think it’s important to have a rain idea. And I like the previous suggestion of doing it in a neighborhood/place that means something to you both.

      Make sure you do research ahead of time about places’ photo policy. Can you take pictures? Can you use flash/tripods/whatever? You don’t want to be kicked out, and I don’t think a lot of photographers checked.

    • We did ours in Old Town Alexandria – lots of varied, brightly colored houses & walls made for great backdrops – and the river is right there too. But we also spent a lot of time down there for years, so there was sentimental value as well.

    • We had a photo shoot at Bartholdi Park at Independence and 1st, SW. Across the street from the U.S. Botanic Garden on the mall. It was absolutely stunning, worth a visit for a picnic anytime. It was a perfect setting for a photo shoot and there were very few people there.

  • Rave: Spent the weekend with my bestie. Saw Silver Linings Playbook (great movie!) and veg’d.

    Rave: Celebrated another year of life!

    Rant: The cold that seemed to be waning has kicked back up. Praying it’s just that.

    Rant.2: The weather. I looked forward to 70 degrees yesterday and all I got was cool, drearyness. Boo

  • Rant: I’m up to my ankles in dog pee. I take my dog out every couple of hours, but he just can’t hold it anymore. I’m to the point where I am incredibly frustrated that the meds aren’t working. No infection, no kidney stones. Nothing wrong medically except old age. I feel sorry for him, but I just hate this whole process.

    Rave (I guess): he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. In fact, he doesn’t seem to notice at all. I guess that is a rave, right?

    Rant: getting older sucks. If he were in pain, I’d know what to do, but since he doesn’t seem to be in pain, I don’t.

    • can you train him to use those absorbent pads? I feel for you, though, especially if he is big.

      My family spent over a year with a tarp over our entire living room floor because the (otherwise perfectly healthy) dog would often pee in there instead of signaling that she wanted to go out (we had a fenced yard! we were home and would gladly let her out or go out with her!). Looking back, it was ridiculous, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to put down a happy, healthy animal.

    • sorry to hear this 🙁
      what about doggie diapers? They sell them, at at least for when he’s around the house, it might be somewhat helpful?

      Sometimes it’s hard to understand the pride that dogs have – when they can’t control themselves in that way, it’s very hard for them.

      Hope it is all OK though….and it’s good to know he isn’t in pain!

    • Please be patient with your dog – as you stated it is not his fault.

    • Thanks guys. We’ve set up a large pen in our living room with a tarp underneath it for him to sleep in. He’s really gotten used to it and now thinks of it as his home base, so that is good. I’ve tried doggie diapers, but they really stress him out – he even tried to bite me once when I tried to put them on – he had some sort of sore on his tail when I got him and hates people touching his tail. Since he’s never tried to bite me before in the 10 years I’ve owned him, I know he really doesn’t like them. So, that isn’t an option. I do use the male dog wraps at night – they get some of the pee, but a lot leaks out.

      I am patient with him – it isn’t his fault. Before he got old and senile he almost never urinated on the floor. I’m just frustrated with the situation. And sad for him.

    • First – condolences – for both the sadness of an old dog, and the nuisance of pee. How old is your dog? You say that he doesn’t seem to be in pain, but dogs don’t show pain in any way we might understand. Is he otherwise eating & drinking, playing, romping, enjoying walks and everything else that makes a dog’s life good?

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend frolicking about in the early-Spring like temperatures. I know it’s not for everyone but I am absolutely loving this!

    Rant: Researching resume writing services in the DC area. Lots of conflicting reviews and costs are just insulting. Can anyone in PoPville recommend a good service? Looking for a firm that can produce both a federal and private sector resume. Thanks in advance!

  • Rave: Ravens!
    Rant: Rantvens!

  • Rant: Friday night I called the cops to report someone trying to bash in a neighbor’s car window who walked away, dropped the 2×4 he was using and leaned against a wall when I rounded the corner. They said they’d send the “next available unit”, which I in the 10 minutes I sat on my porch never arrived. The next morning when walking the dog, the same car had its window broken in.

    About a half hour later, a fight happened in my alley between two small groups of people.

    Another half hour later I heard some mumbling outside my house to find a woman squatting in the alley to take a leak. Her friend had to hold up his coat to shelter her….from the headlights of a cop car that parked in the alley for a shift change.

    Oh yeah, I should say I live about 200 feet from a police substation.

    Look I get it – this is part of city living, and the police can’t stop or intervene in every little petty crime. It’s just incredibly frustrating that if people can get away with these things just steps from a street usually crawling with cops, what does that say for the rest of the neighborhood?

    Personally, I’d like to see more resources dedicated to good old fashioned beat patrols. It would be great to read stories about police responding to and preventing these kinds of petty crimes. The police probably couldn’t have arrested anyone in the “fight” in my alley, or the guy breaking into the car unless they saw him do it. However, just by showing up and shining a spotlight or two, it let’s these minor criminals know someone is watching. Is that too much to ask?

    • If you don’t mind my asking, what part of the city do you live in? Yikes!

      • Eastern part of Columbia Heights, right near the Park Rd. police substation. It’s a high traffic area since we’re so close to Georgia Ave, I understand that, and none of these crimes make me feel unsafe, it’s just that when the little things are ignored they add up to be a quality of life problem.

        • That’s incredibly frustrating. I understand that cops in that area especially probably have their hands full on a Friday evening, but how difficult could it be to send a car around?

          A question for everyone else. Do any of you have experience going to ANC meetings to discuss quality of life and crime issues such as these? Besides listserves and summer block parties, what other mechanisms are there for community-based responses?

          • saf

            Better to talk to your commissioner than to try to address it at the public meeting. Those meetings have very long agendas already, and you get very little time.

            Go to you PSA meeting. And make sure to follow up with your PSA lieutenant too!

  • Rant: Waiting to hear back on a job. The longer it takes, the more nervous I get!!

    Rant: This weather is not ok with me.

    Rave: Made a decent chicken rice soup and sucking back tons of tea to combat an emerging cold (boo).

  • Rant: A good friend of mine passed away this weekend. She was perfectly fine Friday and had a fatal stroke on Saturday. She was young (44), had no history of medical problems or anything. So devastated, I literally just talked to her two days before. Feel so awful for her family, and her kids.

    Rave(ish): Got the news when I was out of town visiting my guy. Wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to comfort me and support me through this awful event. God to have someone that loves you to comfort you.

  • novadancer

    Rant: lost wallet on Tuesday at some point in time. Retraced all steps on Saturday (whole foods, 4 metro stations (thanks to a dr appt’s I was out of my usual 1 line commute) and Macy’s) with no luck. Submitted online request to wmata’s lost & found.

    Rave: got home to a post card from Metro re: an item they are holding for me!!! Thank you good samaritan 🙂 If only I’d checked the mail before going heading out!

    • Great news! My wallet was stolen a few months ago and it turns your life upside down, or the DC DMV does. Last week I found a woman’s wallet on the sidewalk outside the Yes Organic Market on Taylor St. It looked like someone just dropped it leaving the store. I gave it to the cops inside who said they would drive it over to her house. I sort of selfishly wanted to share her relief when she got her wallet back b/c I never got mine back.

    • Nice re: lost and found!

      I once left my wallet in a rest stop on the PA turnpike and someone found it, mailed it back to me with everything in it. I was shocked.

      Sometimes people shock ya

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: people who eat on the elevator.

    Rave: having a good hair day.

  • Rave: Holidays and kid’s birthday parties finally over. I think I was running on caffeine and fumes between Halloween and this Sunday.
    Rant: Vacation wearing off rapidly and I gotta work MLK Day! Boo. What is the point of an inauguration for a second term? Just swear ’em in and get back to work already.

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