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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Got a flu shot at Rite Aid and my insurance completely covered it! I expected to have a copay or something, so that was a pleasant surprise.

    • you can thank obamacare for free preventive health care.

      • No, I can thank having a job that provides the benefit of health insurance. And since I work for Homeland Security, I guess I can thank George W Bush for creating that agency!

        • Many health insurance plans were already covering certain types of preventive care (e.g., flu shots) prior to Obamacare (a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act), but my recollection is that Obamacare required health insurance plans to cover a number of preventive care items — most controversially, contraception — without a copay.

          • I went to CVS because my doctor’s office was out. I had it done at CVS – Blue Cross didn’t cover it. It was $30 so I paid out of pocket.

      • Nope, you can thank the taxpayers who now get the cost of “free” care passed onto them! So, you’re welcome!

        • Nope, it’s not taxpayers per se who are funding this; the cost is spread across everyone who pays premiums in a given health insurance plan.

          However, preventive care tends to be much cheaper than treatment, so plans should actually save money. (Which is part of the reason some of them were already covering flu shots, etc.)

      • I would wager that 90% of us are on plans that were grandfathered in.

    • Rave: Flu shots at Harris Teeter are only $15.00 and they have the brand-new “gun” (shoots under the skin, not into the muscle) type.

      Rant: “Science Friday” so far today is really boring. I always save sewing, cleaning etc. for this 2 hours – but this just won’t work. And the audio-book I’m listening to on dog-walks is pretty depressing – sugar plantations in the Caribbean in the 17th century – lots of brutality.

  • Rant: Second Friday in a row with hurry up and wait proposal submissions…
    Rant: Next week isn’t looking any better.
    Rave: Awesome people over tonight for dinner and husband is making his yummy baked ziti.
    Rant: We’re both pooped.
    Rave: We have no other plans this weekend! Relax and sleep in…

  • Rave: Lap full of kittens! They have finally settled down and stopped stomping all over my keyboard.

    Rant: Now I cannot move.

    • But they’re so damn cute and you just can’t disturb them ;-). I have the same issue cuddling with animals – I don’t want to disturb them even if they have forced me into the most uncomfortable positions!

  • Rave: My DC house value that increases every year!

    Rave: Thanks taxpayers!

    Rant: Suck it NYT!

  • Rave: Sunny Florida.

    Rant: Cloudy DC.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: working hard to get something I really, really want…

    Question: I need a new internet service, I don’t need a landline or cable, just internet. Does something like just internet service exist?

    • I’m pretty sure all the major providers (Comcast, Verizon, RCN…) have internet-only plans. Also check out Clear – it’s super-easy because it’s completely wireless, but that also means internet speeds are slower than the others.

      • SouthwestDC

        Yes, but they make it so the internet-only service costs the same or nearly as much as the TV/internet bundle. I have cable TV even though we don’t watch TV for that reason.

      • thebear

        Verizon no longer lets you have DSL without landline service.

        • Fair point. If the internet you get is delivered via a telephone line, then yes, you have to get a telephone line as well. (Since you brought it up I don’t think Verizon ever offered DSL *without* a landline.)

          • They did, and I am a beneficiary of the old policy. I have DSL using a telephone jack in my apartment, but I am NOT paying Verizon for landline service b/c my cell phone works just fine. I was notified that I would be grandfathered into the old policy when they started charging for landline service+DSL not long ago.

          • thebear

            Actually, Verizon did offer dry-loop DSL for a few years…though you had to be persistent about finding someone who would take an order for it. Covad (now MegaPath) did dry loop…don’t know if they still do because of Verizon’s change…at the time, they leased the circuits from VZ and had their DSLAMS in the CO cages. I put them in a bunch of associations around town years back.

          • Hmm, alright, I did not know that. How does that work? That would basically be a phone line but the phone part doesn’t work (and therefore you don’t get charged for it)?

          • thebear

            That’s basically it. They don’t put dialtone on the line so there’s no incoming or outgoing voice service. Similar to how T-1 lines work.

          • I got Verizon dry loop when I moved to the Hill in Oct 2012. It works great and is only $29.99 a month.

    • binntp

      If you don’t use the Internet for streaming movies/TV, then wireless broadband might be an option. I have it through Cricket and have been happy with it.

    • Maybe America Online?

    • thebear

      Bear in mind that wireless and residential cable Internet have monthly usage caps. Wireless can be as little as 2-5gb. Comcast is typically 300-600gb. Overages can rack up fast, especially on wireless. FiOS and DSL are not capped. Unfortunately, FiOS is only available in limited areas at the moment. DSL is pretty much available citywide but wire-distance to the central office, condition of the wire between the office and your jack, and capacity at the CO determine how fast your service can be. I have the “up to 15mbps” DSL tier and pretty consistently pull 9-10mbps…but congestion upstream can make streaming problematic at times.

    • If you live in Capitol Hill (and it looks like parts of Adams Morgan now), try DC Access: http://www.dcaccess.net/Wireless.htm. It gets tons of rave reviews on the neighborhood listervs. I’m just out range, so I haven’t had a chance to try it.

  • Rant: My co-worker stalks his stay at home wife via Iphone phone tracker app. It’s so creepy to hear him call her and say “Hey where yah at, oh yeah it shows you’re over here/there? or Hey what you’re doing there” etc….

    Rave: Only mortgage and car debt.

  • rant: rejection

    rant: i really really really hate 2013 so far. F-you january!

  • Rave: Got in a walk this morning with my lovely wife – I love our pre-work & weekend walks!

    Rave2: 18 weeks today & feeling pretty good. Looking forward to the next ultrasound in 11 days 🙂

    Rave3: It’s Friday! Looking forward to a (hopefully!) relaxing and low-key weekend.

  • Blithe

    Rant: dealing with a lot of potentially overwhelming life transitions including grief and loss.
    Rant: being reminded by a friend who assured me that I could rely on him that nookie trumps friendship.
    Rave: I have other friends who have consistently come through for me.

    • Sorry to hear that. I lost a friend a few months ago; it is tough. Has made me rethink my life a lot, and that can be difficult as well, but at least it helps focus your priorities. And, you learn who really are your friends. This can be a painful thing to learn, but it is worth knowing. Hang in there.

  • talula

    Rant: Coworker who users speakerphone for EVERY phone call; work-related calls, personal calls, “just wanted to say I love you” calls to his new wife. We hear everything.

    Rave: Remembered my headphones today.

    Rave: Starting going to yoga again and I feel amazing.

    • thebear

      Take him aside and politely tell him (not ask) to please stop using the speakerphone for calls that are not specifically work-related and speaker-appropriate because it is distracting, annoying, and discourteous. If that doesn’t work, let the boss know.

  • Rant: Congress and their stupid fiscal nonsense has delayed the IRS from finalizing tax forms – which now won’t be ready until Jan. 24. I’m trying to file now so I can refinance my home. Refinance is so I can get my niece out from under usury interest rates on student loans.

    The failure of Congress to do the job for which they were hired results in taking cold hard cash from my family of at least $500.00 a month.

    Rave: New kittens are now chasing about the house and I can leave my desk!

  • Rave: That horrible “just out of a relationship sadness” is fading!
    Rave: I have my self respect and I’m so proud!
    Rant: Seeing ex EVERYWHERE now, we have the same regular hangouts!

  • Revel: Scandal last night!!! Fitz is back!
    Rave: This brownie I have been nibbling on all morning.
    Rave: Got 11 hours of sleep last night and I feel AWESOOOOOMMMMEE!!
    Revel: NO RANTS!

  • Rant: During an election time, voteres get junk mail, receive telephone messages, and see D.C. Councilmembers in our neighborhoods. Once they get re-elected, you do see or hear from them. I can’t get Council Chairman Phil Mendelson to respond to my emails on his not wanting to support Mayor Gray’s plan to hire more police officers. There were 3 street robberies at gun point yesterday in Ward 4. One robbery was at 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon. My Ward 4 Councilmember Bowser never respond to me on any issue. If you don’t kiss the behinds or agree with D.C. Councilmembers, they write you off as a constituent. We are doomed in this city.

    • Not an excuse for the council members not responding, but have you contacted your ANC rep? We had an issue last summer, and our ANC rep responded quickly to our email and kept in touch to make sure it got resolved. Plus, they have direct interaction with the Council.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Recovering from a UTI
    Rant: Doctor required me to come in to pee in a cup instead of just calling in a prescription
    Rant: Now have gross & painful chest crud causing coughing and wheezing. Probably not the flu, but what?
    Rant: Not sure if the fever and chills are from the UTI or the crud
    Rant: Hubs is out of town til Saturday
    Rant: Sick and lonely.

    Rave: Dogs are being total sweethearts: snuggling and patient with late/short walks. One is sleeping up by my head and keeping an eye on me.

  • Rave: Bought my ticket to see Todd Snider at the Birchmere in March!

    Rave: After four long years of working nights, the Boyfriend will FINALLY be leaving the “serving” business and have nights off. This means he can actually come to a show with me!

    Rave: Lots of fun plans for the weekend, including a birthday party at the Hamilton. I’m excited to get dressed up for once.

    Rant: Moving in the spring and already dreading the entire process.

  • Rave: Finally put my notice in at my job!
    Rave: Leaving for a South American backpacking adventure in Ecuador and Peru in Feb.
    Rant: Scared about coming home and being unemployed.
    Rant: Anxious about personal safety while traveling alone as a woman in South America.

    Sigh. For all good things, must there be equal and opposite bad things?

    • You will have a great adventure! Don’t worry about traveling as a lone woman – I did it for 2 years around the world. People are generally more open to you, and quite solicitous and protective as well. Use your general good sense, trust your senses for recognizing potentially bad vibes, and if you ever get really jammed up – remember most people want to help you.

    • novadancer

      Only thing I recommend is decent Spanish for Peru. We would have had a few problems if it weren’t for our fluent traveling companion (I am almost a vegeterian so deciphering menus was beyond challenging).

      Too bad the Inca Trail will be closed unless you’re going for more than a month. Totally awesome/exhausting experience!

    • It is different traveling by yourself – female- from traveling in just about any other configuration. Good, and not so good. You’ll want to have your street smarts in mind when people you don’t know approach you. And balance that with being open to new opportunities.

      When you come back, you’ll be much richer for your experiences – and what you’ve done can be turned into a resume enhancer. Win-win-win.

    • pablo .raw

      Peru is amazing. Advice: get your Machu Picchu tickets in advance in Cusco!

    • Thanks all, for the notes!

  • Three feet of powder in Killington VT. jealous of my friends who are managing an inn there. If anyone is thinking of a ski trip – it looks pretty good!

    • The resort looks beautiful, but I think they need to work on the details of the room pricing; the queen/private bathrooms seem to be mislabeled on the upper description ($95 per night) compared to the individual descriptions, below ($125 per night). Also, do they really charge an 18% service charge? That’s crazy!

      I hope it’s not obnoxious that I am editing a random site; it’s been a weird day…

      • Not obnoxious – helpful. I also checked their website and found several annoying things. For a travel site I want to get a general price range right up front – I don’t want to enter specific dates etc. I would be comparing against a ski trip to WV – Colorado – Canada – even Switzerland.

  • Proving yet again that laws are for the little people, and equal protection under the law is a myth in DC, Attorney General for the District of Columbia, Irvin B Nathan has chosen not to prosecute David Gregory despite a ‘clear violation of the law.’

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