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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Good weekend with the family – a trip to the park, music class, dinner with friends. Got lots of errands done, baked a delicious strawberry cake, took a nap. Great all around.

    Rant: Terrible anxiety dreams about work.

    Rant: Micromanaging boss back from three weeks out of the office. Everything is a crisis, except it isn’t, because we’ve all got it under control.

  • Statement: Davey Johnson and Mike Shanahan should meet to discuss how long young stars players should be allowed to keep playing.

    • If Shanahan had taken RG3 out the game and the Skins had lost then people would be saying “Why did you take him out? He has been injured for weeks and we have still won our games.” So, instead Shanahan leaves him in the game and people are saying “Why didn’t you take him out?”

      • Anyone with 1 eye and half and brain could see after the second scoring drive that RGIII was not the same player anymore, and he only got worse from there. He could barely walk, he couldn’t plant to make a throw down field and just watching him run was painful. Seattle adjusted to the fact that he was no longer a threat in the running or passing game and the Redskin’s offense did nothing after the first quarter. Anyone who didn’t think he needed to be pulled by halftime was either lying to themselves or an idiot.

  • Rant: Redskins lost and RGIII injured!

    Rave: They had a pretty damn good season and got to the playoffs. And RG will have a long time to heal and recover. Plus the Ravens are still in the playoffs.

  • Fire the Shanahans!!

    • and replace them with who? I think they did an awesome job this year.

      • Please tell me your kidding. Not pulling RGIII at halftime was the single greatest debacle in the history of sports (yes, a bit dramatic, but that was for emphasis 🙂

        • Quit your crying and quit making excuses. RG3 lied to the coaches and told them he was okay to play. He is the blame that we lost yesterday!

          • Any way you split it, one man can’t win the Super Bowl. If the team was nothing without RGIII, then the team didn’t really deserve to go further in the playoffs. Not the coaches’ fault.

    • Actually RG3 is the one that should be fired. He told the coach he was okay to play when in fact he was not. His greediness to absorb the spotlight cost the Skins the game.

  • RANT: My car got STOLEN yesterday at 12 and T NW.

    Question: has anyone had any luck in finding stolen cars?

    • That sucks. I’m sorry that some people are bad people.

    • Mine was stolen from Bunker Hill Road about 7 years ago. It was found about a day later. Some kids had taken it for a joy ride and abandoned it. They did some damage to it too – I had to pay a deductible for the repairs and for a rental car while it was being fixed.

    • This is from anecdotal reading, but in addition to reporting it to the cops also check with the parking patrol to see if they’ve cited it or its in their system. If it was a joyride, sometimes they’ll ditch it in a zone where it gets towed or ticketed….those folks (I believe) don’t check whether its stolen or not. My 2 cents…

      • Yes, also is it possible your car was towed by parking enforcement for some reason? My ex thought her car had been stolen for about a week, but it had actually been towed a couple blocks away and not entered into the system.

      • Correct. That happened to a friend in another city. She found her stolen car b/c she saw online that she had received a parking ticket. Parking enforcement cops do not check if the car is stole/reported stolen.

      • Exactly this – check online to see if you have parking tickets and find the car that way. I’ve actually found 3 stolen cars (not mine) this way – one from New Mexico that was parked on my street for over a month. Their insurance company had already paid!

    • RANT: I went to Tortilla Coast at 15/P for the first time Saturday night. Let’s just say the bad reviews I have been hearing were correct. I should have known something was wrong when at 7:00 on a Saturday night only 4 tables were occupied. I do not think I will be going back. 🙁

      • I recommend El Chucho if you are craving margaritas and tacos.

      • everything about that place is terrible. how can you mess up queso?!?!?!?

      • I suggest you try the real, original Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill. Gourmet? No. But decent TexMex, reasonable prices, and decent service. I will never understand why the owners of the original TC allowed that travesty in NW to sully their name. Dumb move.

        • Deluxe Restaurant Group opened the original Tortilla Coast. They sold their restaurants to Clover Restaurant Group which opened the new Tortilla Coast. That is probably a major reason why the quality is different.

    • Our car has been stolen and recovered twice – in the last two years. Good luck!

  • Rave: a Skins Division Championship, great atmosphere yesterday at FedEx

    Rant: not knowing RGIII was so badly hurt (I was in the SRO upperdeck seats)… and then hearing about it later and wishing KC1 had played…

    Rave: UVA beating the hated Tarholes!!!

  • rant: coming down with a cold. i’m trying everything i can to thwart it becoming full-blown.
    rave: i feel like i am in a good place with certain parts of my life.

    • Me too (have a cold), and no paid time off left so I couldn’t call in sick today. I’m relying on dayquil softgels to get me through the day and I’m making chicken soup for dinner tonight.

  • Rave: Week away from DC. Nice not being around so many foul-mouthed thugs standing around the metro entrance.

    Rant: Groups of guys in all black clothing, donning ski masks, perfecting the technique of armed robberies and carjackings in DC!

  • Rave: Seahawks!
    Rave: Great weekend!

  • Rave: ND is playing in the National Championship game tonight!

    Rant: I’m in DC, not Miami.

  • Rant: Truck parked in front of my house with Maryland tags that has a car alarm that has been chirping off and on for the past few days.

    Rave: This morning I left a note asking that he get his alarm fixed.

    Rave: If it happens again tonight I’m giving it a “Pittsburgh Car Wash.”

  • Rave: HOCKEY IS BACK!!!!!!!

    Rave: Had a great weekend in NoVA wine country, tasting wines at more than 10 vineyards and scouting out potential wedding locations. I’ve got to tell you, you get *outstanding* service at wineries with an engagement ring on your finger 🙂

    Rant: Monday hangovers are so embarrassing..

  • Rant: Monday
    Rant2: Shanahan
    Rant3: TicketMaster accidentally sold tickets last night to the inaugural ball, and they are completely sold out.

    Rave: Going to the gym tonight
    Rave2: Caps are back!

    • +1 on Rant 3. I spent 45 minutes of my dinner party in the office trying in vain to get tickets.

    • I was a little surprised to see the email yesterday when they said it was coming today. Oh well, my guess is that there were a lot of people signed up and very few tickets eligible to the general public anyway. I am now starting to think the whole thing was just a PR grab.

      • Yeah, you really need to know people to get access to the better Inaugural events. Last year I went to a lobbying firm’s part post Inauguration and it was great; filled with tons of celebs and the booze was aflowin’.

  • Rave: Ravens won!

    Rave: Redskins lost. I had to deal with the taunts of Redskins Fans when they beat us in overtime. Yes but the Ravens were responsible for RGIII’s initial injury and survived their playoff berth. Redskisn won the battle Ravens won the War. Also in true Redskins fashion. They just can’t lose the game they have to tragically lose the game by keeping the star QB in the game to allow himself to further injury himself and lose the game.

    • Are you seriously gloating over your team causing an injury? Seriously? I have a soft spot for the Ravens, so I’m happy to see them continue in the playoffs, but wow. Congrats to your team, but please re-think your glee for another person’s injury.

      • No actually Shanny is the real cause of the injury for not taking the kid out. I’m actually gloating over how the redskins are tragically disappointing every single season siince i actually started to watch football.

    • Too bad for you that Redskins fans do not even consider Baltimore a rival. Get your team a few more Super Bowl appearances (and more than 1 ring)and then maybe Washington will take your team seriously.

  • Rant: stomach flu

    • Just recovering after my bout over the weekend. Not sure if it was the flu, but it was an awful stomach bug.

      • I guess I’m not sure if it’s the flu, but it is terrible. Apparently an entire class at my son’s daycare is out with it.

        • My symptoms were extreme stomach cramping (like it hurt to stand up straight or lay down) and nausea. And my guts felt as if I have recently ingested a pound of glass shards and rusty nails. Didn’t eat a thing for 2 days.

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Got asked to do a phone interview for a position that I’m really excited about!

    Rant(?): It’s a position in NYC, which would hamper my plans to move back to DC…

    Rave: Had a lovely “me” weekend. Ran some errands, cleaned the apartment, kicked off my diet/budget overhaul. Feeling good!

  • RAVE: Going to Mexico in two days. Peace out, DC.

    RANT: Redskins. Urgh.

    RANT: Ravens. Can’t stand them or their trashy-yet-monied fans. I guess you can’t buy class.

    RAVE: Did I mention I’m going to Mexico to go scuba diving and enjoy a music festival? Yeah, it sucks to be you.

  • Rant: Both my Grandma and my cat died within 2 days of each other last week. (PC was the black cat in AAF last Thursday)

    Rave’ish: She was 87 and he was 18, so both lived long, full lives.

    Rave: Was able to fly back home for the funeral after being at work only 1 day after the holidays. Saw family I hadn’t seen in at least 6 years and spent more quality time with brothers/niece/nephews.

    Rave: Instead of making a bunch of NY resolutions that I’ll eventually drop, I have one word for 2013: Forward (or Progress, I guess). I need to get some shit together this year and get on with my life! Excited about this!

  • Rave: Amen to the folks saying that 2013 is all about pressing forward and getting on with the crap that has been lingering for the past few years. Maybe I’m taking it too far by trying to get a job, married and moving all in the first quarter 🙂

    Rant: Not much to do with kids in the DC Metro area that doesn’t cost $80 for two adults and two kids. We’ve done Smithsonian to death, am I missing anything? I was really put off by the cost of the Gaylord Shrek thing and even bowling is insanely expensive. What gives PoP parents?

  • … and it wasn’t a replacement player strike marred season either

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