New Tavern, Kabin, Coming to 2nd Floor of 1337 Connecticut Ave., NW in Dupont

1337 Connecticut Avenue, NW

1337 Connecticut Ave, NW is getting two new bar/restaurants. Back in November we learned that The Gryphon will be taking over the former Heritage India space on the first floor. Now comes news – that Kabin will be moving into the former Steve’s Bar Room space upstairs (anyone remember Steve’s?). According to a recent liquor license application Kabin will be a:

“Tavern with a seating capacity of 175 and total occupancy load of 210. Requesting an entertainment endorsement to include dancing.”

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  • Given the insanely high turnover rate for restaurants/bars, I wonder why so many continue to try their luck in some of these high-rent areas. Unless you have deep coffers and/or a well-established draw, it just doesn’t seem to be the most rational bet.

    Am I missing something? I’m genuinely curious about this.

  • Steve’s Bar was awesome! That place got crazy shady after 3am. Latest I ever stayed there was 5:45am and the party was still going strong. The bartenders were insane.

    • YES!
      i miss Steves…. esp 95 live on thursdays

    • I went there several years ago with a girl I was seeing, and it was both bizarre and fantastic. I recall walking into what I thought was an office building, taking an elevator to the second or third floor, then getting PBR out of a vending machine. Is that the place, or was it a fevered dream?

      • That was the place.

        They did these crazy all-you-can-drink specials for $20/person. I’m pretty sure it was counterfeit booze. Always had the best hiphop DJs in the city. The crowd was a good mix of locals from all walks of life (rich kids, poor kids from SE, hipsters & artists, musicheads, etc.)

        The last time I was there, the bartenders were off their rockers and blowing fire from bottles of grain alcohol. They nearly lit the particle ceiling tiles on fire. I stood by the exit door, ready to run out if the building went up in flames, lol.

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