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  • “you can teach an old dog new tricks”
    “same old owners” only means “same old ways”….

  • Good luck teaching that old dog the new tricks…. “you can teach an old dog new tricks”…. Anonymous I hope you were not being sarcastically optimistic.

  • “Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss.” “we won’t be fooled again”

    I will just paraphrase an Einstein quote about not being able to solve a problem with the same people/mind that created it.

  • This is the place that used to be BeBar, right?

  • Terrible website. The text is unreadable and rife with typos and poor grammar. The “virtual tour” is several photos of the same wall with different lighting effects.

  • We is up scale.

  • I think it looks kind of cool. Neighborhood could use a place like this.

  • The Restaurant page is hilarious –
    ” Lift your culinary expectations to new levels with VITA Lounge’s contemporary dinner menu. Inspired by classic Italian-Americana Cuisine, you will delight in lively interpretations of homespun comfort foods specially prepared by the best Italian Chef in the city (insert name).

    Guests will enjoy mouth watering entrée dishes such as New Zealand’s Lamb Chop over Spinach and Roast Potatoes, marinated in Tarragon, Rosemary, and Sage; New Orleans’s Salmon over Remoulade sauce served with Mash Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables; and Seafood Linguine Pasta in Marinara or White Wine Sauce, just to name a few.

    On the bar-side guests can nibble on tasty bites for a perfect accompaniment to an after work libation or cocktail. A sample of the enticing treats include Ground Beef seasoned with Aromatic Herbs and Provolone Cheese as well as Jumbo Maine Crab cake topped with Caramelized Onion and Bell Pepper.”

    • oh wow, “(insert name)” is the best ever.

    • wow… i had to go confirm that the website actually says “(insert name)”… and it does!

      I’ll try and be fair… the web-designer might be the one that sucks… but I’d put lots of money that it’s the managers of this place that suck. If nothing else, they should have read their own website to make sure it’s what they wanted.

      But… all this aside… folks will be voting with their dollar, so it may still survive.

  • Heh. The site itself is blocked by my work’s security!

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