Metro GM Apologizes to Green Line Customers for Last Night’s Mess


To Our Green Line Customers,

We apologize for the extraordinary delays you experienced last night, and in particular, to those who had such an alarming experience on the two trains that lost power.

While we have improved the speed with which we respond to incident trains, there is more that can and will be done to better assist our customers during such incidents. We are working to improve our internal communications and interagency coordination. I want to thank DCFD for their actions in support of our customers and employees last night. The responsibility for improvement rests squarely on our shoulders at Metro.

I agree with our customers that what happened last night was unacceptable and we are going to make further specific changes to improve our emergency response.

Richard Sarles
General Manager & CEO

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  • Apparently passengers still had to pay when they finally were able to exit. Some customer service!

  • what might those specific changes be?

  • He must have felt really bad (or has a good PR guy) because he was greeting riders at Navy Yard tonight.

    • Pretty sure that’s only because the station is located right outside of the US DOT & DDOT headquarters and many trapped were those agencies employees, some of whom may have control over possible future WMATA funding. Gotta suck up to those that may get to determine your paycheck.

  • Oh, well as long as you say you’re sorry Rich its all good.

  • Honestly, I know things like this aren’t happening every week, but it still keeps me from regularly riding the Metro. The thought of being stuck on a train makes me hyperventilate. I can get off a bus and walk or catch a cab. In the Metro I’m just trapped.

    • Totally. I recently moved within walking distance to a metro station, so I could no longer justify paying to park my car at work. It had been a while since I regularly took the metro, and in the past few months it seems they have had more issues than I ever remember having a few years ago…I definitely get a bit anxious about getting stuck.

  • So how many will be fired?

  • Anyone know about what time this was happening?

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