Hanging on, barely, to Christmas in Columbia Heights

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Found this in the square in Columbia Heights while walking home from Target this weekend. Looks like someone wanted the big Christmas tree back but couldn’t have it.”


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  • We don’t always give DC planners much credit, but I have to say that the Columbia Heights plaza is one of the most successful new public spaces in DC. Almost every day you can see folks out, enjoying the space with their kids or grabbing some food. It reminds me of a European or Latin American central plaza in its function and popularity.

    It’s also funny how much better it works than it’s counterpart at 14th and Irving, which maintains a constant level of seediness.

    • It’s especially incredible, when you think that just 5-6 years ago, this area was a super-sketchy hodgepodge of vacant lots and rundown buildings.

  • Ha! I saw that this weekend and wondered how long it would take to turn up here. Very cute.

    JM, I noticed that too, that the 14th and Irving mini-plaza is kinda shady. Do you think it’s just the appearance of shadyness, without any actual shady intent, due to people waiting there for buses? Maybe they’re not loitering? Dunno. Interesting observation, though.

    • Unfortunately, the shadiness at 14th and Irving is pretty legit. You do not have to sit at Potbelly for very long to watch real live drug exchanges happen right before your very eyes. Not sure what kind of drugs but lots of money and baggies passing hand to hand.

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