Good Deal or Not? “Oversized upper deck” edition

This condo is located at 809 Maryland Avenue, NE:

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The listing says:

“A very bright & Charming 2-Level Condominium Residence in historic Capitol Hill. Beautiful finishes and gourmet kitchen. Gated 2-Car tandom-deeded space. Bamboo H/W on all floors. Very private. Oversized upper deck adds to the enjoyment of active life. Walking to Metro, Dynamic Eastern Market, Union Station.”

You can see more photos here and a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $584,500 ($191 monthly fee.)

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  • The layout is kind of weird… and pretty pricy for a two bedroom that far from metro. Cap Hill though…

    • Easy 10 minute walk down D or E St from Union Station. $460 per sq/ft isn’t out of line for that neighborhood – just keeps going up and up.

  • I am sure it will sell and pretty close to asking.

  • Don’t think it is a great deal as you can still get a decent rowhome in the area for same cost.

    • Not really, but maybe for $50k more

      • Ok but even still, 50K does not equate to $191 in mortage payment.

        • According to Redfin, 695K is the closest I can find for a row home in that area. – so its really another 100K, not 50K, more.

          • Ok maybe immediate area, but expand several blocks and I’m sure you can find something for list price. Besides I’d 100K extra for an additional bedroom, plus a basement with additional bath is worth it no? Even more so if it has a rental unit. If you would live in this area, I’d go out on a limb and say you’d look north of H street area. Just my opinion.

          • But that’s a really nice immediate are. People pay for immediate areas.

          • The condo fee is too low and is meant to make the high price seem less burdensome–it’s likely to escalate in the future. The $191/mo is less than what a homeowner can easily spend on routine stuff that would be subsumed in a condo fee. Homeownership comes with costs and a house has bigger utility bills/demands.

  • I want to know more about how a deck helps with the “enjoyment of active life.”

  • Ugh, I would not live by that 7-11 on the corner or the crosstown bus stops. Too much craziness…

  • The price is in line with the neighborhood (said as someone who lives a block down Maryland and pays close attention to the market). The person who mentions being willing to pay $100k more for another bedroom misses the point. And no, you won’t find anything at this price in this area that also has a basement rental. It is close to a sketchy 7-11, though.

  • hope you like 7-11 and all the drama it brings.

  • No way would I live next to that 7-11. Always way too much activity and loitering around there.

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