Found Dog in Bloomingdale

A reader sends:

“Collar but no tags. Poor guy is muddy and obviously very cold. Humane society has been called”

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  • poor thing. i hope someone took him indoors.

    • He’s inside playing with my dog–warmed up a lot! Still waiting on the Humane Society or better yet his owner!

      • happy to help out and watch him, if you would rather that than send him to humane society! not sure how long you can hold on to him!

  • He’s not mine, but I’ll take him!

  • I don’t think the coloring is quite right, but that may be the dog of the woman who lives on V Street right next to the entrance to Bloomingdale Ct… I think it’s 114 V St? She is not able to go up and down stairs easily, so maybe the dog escaped by accident and she hasn’t been able to look? It might be worth knocking on her door…

  • I actually live in the area. The other day I saw another dog of the same breed. I knocked on the door of the house, in front of which the dog was hanging out. The owner opened and said that the poor dog simply didn’t want to go home. She said that that breed of dogs apparently really likes the cold… The dog indeed didn’t want to go indoors and just wanted to play 🙂

  • Any update on this little guy?

  • Any updates on the little guy? Would have no problem watching!! Let me know 🙂

  • Hi all–the Humane Society picked the little guy up this afternoon–they think they found his owner, someone on W street? I’m going to call tomorrow to check up, got home too late tonight.

  • Dog and owners have been reunited! Thanks to everyone and especially DCHS!

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