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“Some friends of mine found a dog this morning on 14th and Newton and asked that I post a picture of the pup here in hopes that someone recognizes him. Here he is below, approximately 10lbs. If anyone recognizes him, please contact my friend at [email protected]

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  • It’s my understanding that the dog was found at 14th and U and brought to 14th and Newton (to The Getaway Restaurant), where the people that found him were dining. Cutest, most loveable little guy ever…I hope his owners see this post!

  • There are a number of missing dog posters up in that neighborhood (for example, on the gate to the S street dog park) for a dog that looks similar to the picture you posted – take a look at the posters and see if it might be the same dog.

  • Hey everyone!

    I just want to clarify, we found the dog on 14th and newton on our way to getaway brunch. Thanks to the people at getaway for helping take care of him today!

    Still haven’t heard from the owners but he is having a great time hanging out with some fellow dogs. We are happy to take care of him until we can find his owners!

  • Saw a poster at 16th and Irving for a dog that went missing from Meridian Hill Park. Maybe it’s the same poster “S” is referring to. Probably worth a closer look in case it’s this dog.

  • I would take him to CityPaws or another vet and have them scan him to see if he has a microchip.

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