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  • Quick question: where’s the best place to get chicken & waffles in DC? I’m originally from California and I miss my Roscoe’s 🙁

  • Food sounds good, but what a weirdly structured menu.

  • A bit difficult to eat while you are outside or trying to eat on a park bench. Wish them on the best.

  • Chicken & Waffles : Northern/Yuppie Interpretation of Real Southern Food :: General Tso’s Chicken : American Interpretation of Real Chinese Food

    I see this combo a lot in DC. Objectively yummy, but hard for some of us from down yonder to access conceptually. My momma woulda been offended if I did that to my chicken, up until she ate some. Anyone know whence it came?

    • A diner in Los Angeles during the ’70s.

      • Really? I always thought of it as more soul food than southern, and associate it with NYC and the harlem renaissance.

        • Isn’t there a fair amount of overlap between soul food and Southern food?

          • I could be wrong, but to this person who spent their entire life in the middle-Atlantic region, they’re virtually indistinguishable.

          • I think they are largely the same, I guess I was just taking issue with the assertion that a dish like chicken and waffles is somehow “inauthentic” because it’s not from the south. I use the phrase “soul food” more than I do “southern” because I’ve eaten it my whole life and that’s the type of food my family cooks. None of us have ever been to the south or have any ties there, so it’s more of a cultural association for me than a regional one, if that makes sense.

        • LA’s AfAm population over a certain age originates in the South. There is a lot of cultural overlap.

      • Thanks. Like San Francisco and Chop Suey. Leave it to the Californians!

    • Mildren Pierce (of the 1941 book, and Joan Crawford/ Kate Winslet dramatizations) opened a chicken-and-waffle restaurant in California in the 1930s.

    • Actually, IIRC Chicken and waffles started in the Jazz era of Harlem. Jazz musicians would play so late into the night that they needed a meal that was between dinner and breakfast. Throw some fried chicken on a waffle and there you go. You can still say that it’s traditional Southern food brought up North, but it’s not like fried chicken is a new concept. Nor is it some yuppie contrivance.

  • I don’t know if poppers and waffles are the best combination.

  • The menu above is not what they had yesterday. It was the Chicken & Waffles for $10, Chili (Turkey or Beef, can’t remember the price), Waffle Boat (just smaller waffle and less chicken; 6), and possibly one more thing, but it wasn’t Cheesy Mac, Yams or Banana Puddin’. Also, didn’t see the poppers or any other combo being offered.

    Food was OK. Maybe I’ll try again.

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