Awesome Adams Morgan Mural Damaged During Building Repair

The great mural behind the gas station on Calvert Street in Adams Morgan has been damaged due to some repairs to the building. Hope the artist is able touch up the mural!

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  • I read that it was earthquake damage they were repairing. Really hope they redo the entire mural, including the portion destroyed by graffiti and then painted over several years ago. “A people without murals are a demuralized people”

  • DC Arts Center in Adams Morgan has submitted a proposal to the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities for a grant to restore the mural. Juan Pineda (the artist who did the last restoration in 2005) will do the new restoration should the grant be awarded. If the grant is awarded, work will begin in May 2013.

  • Yes it was the 2011 earthquake that created cracks in the wall that had to be repaired.

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