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  • A shame…I had a delicious meal and great service on more than one occasion at 901. I never figured out why it was always empty despite the great location.

  • I was not quite as impressed. It tried to look too fancy and the food was overpriced for what you got. It just wasn’t a comfortable feel at all. Hopefully restaurant owners will use this example as a lesson.

  • If you asked me what was at this corner I would have said it’s just offices and a construction zone. I’ve probably walked and driven by this place dozens of times. Never once noticed it was there.

  • I was there one night for a reception and some guy took his shirt off and was running around like a crazy person trying to fight another guy. Never seen anything like it.

  • This is a rough, rough corner to open a restaurant until CityCenter gets up and running. It is in a cold building with dark windows on a corner without much pedestrian activity.

    I never liked this place…the menu was all over the place, it changed menus in the middle of their tenure and it generally didn’t have a focus (we’re a club, no we’re an upscale tapas place, no we’re a casual sliders place). It is very close to our office and was always in the mix for go-to places. But, nobody was ever happy about it. The food was mediocre and there was general confusion about what the restaurant wanted to be.

    CityCenter food options cannot come soon enough.

  • Agree with the poster about this being a tough corner to thrive in. However, the place didn’t help itself by having a menu that was not focused, and mediocre at best in taste. The happy hour, for which I have been to many a time, was great. $5 sliders could not have been beat! I will definitely miss that. Oh well…cannot wait for a brasserie type place to open in that area. I’m sure it will do well.

  • Looks boring, never been in, never even occurred to me to go in.

  • any restaurant that describes itself as “sexy” is just pathetic. Are we surprised that people didn’t want to eat at a place that looks/feels like VIDA’s “sexy” locker rooms?

  • Holy wow! How do these people do sh*t like this? Dump a huge ton of money into a place, then close it down barely a year and a half later? Holy wow. What money can buy… I guess.

    • holy wow! you clearly don’t realize that businesses (especially restaurants) can fail! Did you not consider that their sales might not cover their rent or cost of renovation?

  • Seems like it *should* have worked between overflow from other places that are ALWAYS crowded, hotel guests and the after work office crowd in the nearby offices. For me I just assumed it was nothing special: Boring bad name, never conveyed a unique identity and looked more like a tacky DC club than a restaurant.

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