7-Eleven Opens in Former Wasabi Space Downtown

908 17th Street, NW

The new 7-Eleven has opened in the former Wasabi space just south of Connecticut and K Street, NW.

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  • A very handy addition to the neighborhood. I think I’d rather have a Big Bite with chili and cheese than Wasabi’s mediocre sushi, anyway.

  • Bleh. Slightly better than another CVS, but not by much.

    Get ready for a lot of 7-11 branded litter (big bite boxes, taquito wrappers, etc.) in Farragut Square.

  • Disappointed. I had high hopes (the area needs an alternative to CVS). But after scoping it out this morning, I don’t really get the point. It’s extremely narrow and has virtually no inventory except drinks, chips, and sandwiches. It’s about a quarter of the size of a normal 7-Eleven. Since when is 7-11 a lunch destination? If I want mediocre subs, I can head across the square to Subway.

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