The Official DC Lottery Store Coming to Union Station

I had no idea there were stores devoted exclusively to the lottery. I’m guessing area liquor stores are pretty pissed about this… It’s located on the first floor by the Amtrak ticket sales desk.

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  • How exciting!

  • I was in Union Station last night, and it looked open.

  • Finally, a place that actually sells lottery tickets!

  • Is an entire storefront dedicated to selling lottery tickets really necessary? I’d rather have another Starbucks.

    • Finally, a storefront where I can purchase DC Lottery merchandise such as coffee mugs, t-shirts and keychains for my out-of-town friends and relatives. It’s a uniquely “DC” gift!

      No? Damn.

  • It’s because a large number of people queue outside the liquor store on the basement level to buy tickets. The guys in the liquor store spend more time dealing with people buying lottery tickets than they do selling alcohol. Anyone know what kind of profit they make on selling lottery tickets?

    No, I am not an alcoholic. I just like to have a drink whenever I ride Amtrak.

  • There’s a mini-mart inside the Capital Gallery building (near L’Enfant Plaza) that seems to do more business selling lottery tickets than selling packaged food/drinks.

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