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  • northeazy

    honestly, good riddance. I never saw anyone in there anyway. And the name was stupid anyway. It is Spoiled Rotten. Not Spoiled AND Rotten. That would literally mean the children are both spoiled, as in milk, and rotten, like decaying food. But what would you expect from people who put open in quotation marks.

    • Somebody pee in your cheerios this morning?

    • Some people…

      I mean really, what was so bad about this business? I guess it doesn’t fit what you want or what you hope H St. will look like so you post something like this. Very classy.

      • i don’t get it either.

      • Yes, because six-year-olds wearing lipstick is soooo classy.

        • I guess you never played dress up.

          • I did, but we didn’t dress up like prostitutes (or have our parents pay someone to dress us up that way).

          • I am not even going to say what I was thinking but you should be very proud of yourself for that comment.

            You are probably saying good riddance to all of the clothing shops that are closing as well, you know the ones that clothed the community for many years before most of us were here. They were all a bunch of wannabe pimps anyway right? I would never dress like that.

            Some people I tell you. While it all not be our personal style or taste, it is for others or maybe it is what they can afford. Why be happy a place closes.

            Now, to be honest, I have wondered too about this place based on very limited knowledge and never seeing real activity as I drive by but they must be doing something right if they have multiple stores. How many stores do you own?

          • I don’t own any stores, nor do I have a desire to. What does that have to do with anything? I guess you think letting kids watch porn is just fine if that’s your style too? God, I hope you never have kids.

    • I don’t understand why this place “offends” you so “much”.

    • Why are you so angry about punctuation? Wow, get off your English language high-horse. A retail store is a good balance but you probably prefer another cafe in that place which will not sustain itself over time. Bet you don’t have kids either

  • doh! Baltimore always gets the best places!

  • This is good news. That place was creepy.

  • So…we are clapping our hands over the loss of a small business that catered to children and families. Yep…H -Streeters are a curious bunch!

    • Did you notice the pictures on the storefront? Little girls wearing miniskirts, getting puffy eye treatments and manicures and tight painful-looking braids… it’s completely inappropriate. I like seeing small businesses that cater to children, but this is just creepy and wrong. The Little Loft in Capitol Hill is more along the lines of activities I’d expect little kids to be doing.

  • My kid loved this place when it first opened. Operating hours got hard to keep track of in recent years, literally never seemed to be open (I can’t recall the last time I saw a patron walk in or out). I thought it was a creative idea to give kids pedicures and such, since kids love feeling grown up. The fashion shows were always fun for kids too. I thought if they added a hair salon component, it could have been very successful.

  • I don’t care what the business was for, that is one of the ugliest storefronts I’ve ever seen. I dare you to find one more garish, tacky or creepy.

    I live around the corner and will be happy to not have to walk by it every week. Best of luck to the owners in Baltimore though.

  • This place always made me chuckle when I walked past. Never saw anyone in it tho.

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