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  • Good citizens. They would make responsible use of a license.

  • Hey Dan, ask and ye shall receive. For beer we are going to focus on SE PA, DC, MD, DE, and VA.

    For PA this includes the heavyweight small breweries (though they are still micro brews nationally, they make a ton of beer) such as Troegs, Victory, Stoudts, Yards, and Weyerbacher. Then we are going to be bringing in a lot of beers that you simply don’t see here very often such as St. Boniface (http://on.fb.me/UTGH9A), Fegley’s Brewworks (http://bit.ly/UTGLX4), Lancaster Brewing Company (http://www.lancasterbrewing.com/), Sly Fox (http://www.slyfoxbeer.com/), Boxcar Brewing Company, Intercourse Brewing Company, and Spring House Brewing Company. A lot of these beers aren’t distributed in DC but we are working with a small importer to get them here on the up and up. And of course we can always bring our own beer down under the 1 day import license that DC allows but that can get pricey sometimes. These may not be available all the time, but we are planning on having a good stock for everyone. And if I get enough requests I will stock Yeungling, it is what I grew up with after all!

    For Maryland, Flying Dog and Heavy Seas are a given. For Delaware, Dogfish and we are working on getting Twin Lakes. For VA, Port City and Starr Hill. For DC, Chocolate City, DC Brau and whatever other beer starts being made here.

    And of course for wine, small winemakers from around the world. Quality and value will be the focus rather than location in that department.



    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thanks Eric!

    • Those are EXCELLENT Pennsylvania beers. Very exciting.

      If you’re going to have Yeungling, you should carry their porter. It’s my favorite econo-beer ever; I think it still goes for something like $24/case at the distributor in my home town.

    • From MD, maybe you will carry Stillwater and Brewer’s Art as well? Will you be allowed to sell 750ml bottles? At least Brewer’s Art is putting their Resurrection in 6 packs. Either way, congrats! Love your store.

      • Hey yumbeer (apt by the way),

        It looks like I will have to visit some friends in Baltimore in January. I didn’t realize those guys were bottling. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Once they start bottling (currently they only do growlers on site), I’d highly recommend the Shawnee Craft Brewing Company as a Pennsylvania microbrewery. http://www.shawneecraftbrewingcompany.com/invitation

      We stumbled upon them when we were up in the Delaware Water Gap and have the chance to do a tasting, and their beers were fantastic. Definitely a NE PA brewery than SE, but well worth looking into!

    • Awesome! I’m really excited to see you’re hoping to bring in Spring House. I stop by their taproom every time I’m in Lancaster; they always have something really interesting to try.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Hmm. Yes! is just across the street and has a good selection of beers and wine. Including their own store brand of wine which is pretty good. Hopefully this will bring in some competition.

  • Is Chocolate City bottling/canning their beers now? Or are you going to sell growlers?

    • Hey Anon, DC Council recently approved changes to the DC liquor laws and growlers will soon be legal for sale in grocery stores. When this goes into effect I am not completely clear and of course we will have to then install kegerators, which will probably not happen right off the bat.

      • Don’t forget Three Stars! As long as you can do growlers. We just visited them, and they have fantastic beer – I think it’s my new DC favorite.

  • I love Smucker Farms! Looking forward to checking out their new selection.

  • I am very excited about this! Although Yes! is across the street, this will povide for more variety.

  • Funny, no one mentions Florida Liquor or Bestway, each established shops less than a block away. They just talk about the organic store across the street.

    • If Prince had written a post entitled “roundup of all liquor-selling establishments in the U Street area” and left out Florida Liquor and Best Way, you’d have a point. Why would you expect individual commenters to mention establishments they don’t frequent?

    • I don’t know Bestway but Florida Liquor is a horrible place with bulletproof glass, bars on the windows and uninviting ownership.

      If they cared to cater to the craft beer, locavore, microbrew crowd then they would be excited internet commentators – but instead they cater to the Miller Light and a lotto ticket crowd.

      It’s neither good nor bad but it is completely distinct. I personally think it is a blight on the neighborhood but that is just me.

      • Ahh, yes that Miller Lite and lotto ticket crowd. When will they learn the joys of microbrews and locally sourced beer?

  • I think Smuckers Farms is a great addition to the neighborhood. I have one question — I read the placard in their window. It will allow the sale of wine/beer until midnight. Why so late? Yes and Whole Foods and others are not permitted and/or restricted to sell wine/beer past a certain hour. I am not certain how I feel about this.

    • Aren’t all liquor stores now allowed to sell until midnight after recent legislation? That might just be the new standard licensing language.

    • But Smucker Farms isn’t open until midnight! They close at 9(?). I doubt the time limit on the license matters–just their store hours.

      Anyway, I too am looking forward to having a great new craft beer location in DC.

    • why would you care?

    • Hey Anon,

      It was recommended that we do this beyond our normal operating hours because even though we will typically close at 9 people can still be in the store until 9.15-9.30 and we really don’t want to get slapped with a fine for selling to them after our stated hours even if they walked in at 8.45. I will say there is a chance we will extend our hours to 10PM (which we had previously) to accomodate the later beer and wine drinkers picking up those last minute party staples. Popcorn and beer? Good combo at 10PM.

  • Smucker famrs also has hands down the best CSA in DC which even includes a winter option

  • Just another +1 that Smucker Farms is a great place. Real credit to the neighborhood.

  • what about for VA, williamsburg alewerks: http://williamsburgalewerks.com/

    …their douple IPA is pretty incredible, and their pumpkin ale is better than the schlafly IMO. everything else i have had by them is also really good.

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