Rendering for Central Union Mission Building at 14th and R St, NW; Scheduled for a 2014 Delivery

14th and R St, NW

More exciting development news for Logan Circle. I just noticed a rendering for the planned development coming to the Central Union Mission building at 1350 R St, NW. [Central Union Mission is moving to the old Gales School at 65 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.] The banner says the property will be delivered Q2 2014:

Here’s how it currently looks:

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  • Looks like ZipCar is going to lose their parking lot?

  • I bet there is a plan to relocate some of these to the garage level. Not sure though.

  • Any idea about # of parking spaces?

  • Yay! More trees. Sections of 14th Street could use a little greening.

  • It’d be kinda weird to buy a condo that used to be a homeless shelter.. no?

    • doesn’t seem so weird.

      Anyone know what the building was before it was a homeless shelter?

      • the 14th street location had been the shelter and admin offices since 1986 … so nope, I don’t know what it was prior to that.

      • Like Room & Board up the street, it was originally built as a car dealer in the ’20s. I’m not sure of the brand; I believe Oakland/Pontiac was in the R&B space. Through the 60s, 14th Street was home to many dealers, including where Miss Pixies is now and additional showrooms at 14th and P that disappeared a fairly long time ago.

        As brands like Hudson and Studebaker disappeared over the years, and the inner city rotted post riots, most of the DC dealers closed up, starting with these.

        When I was working on the FIAT relaunch in the US, we actually recommended 14th Street as a place where it would be great to place a satellite showroom (especially since the brand wanted to encourage in-town stores), but obviously, no local dealer body was wanting to set up show in what is essentially a different state. DC was basically without a dealer from the mid-90s when Passport Nissan closed its Rhode Island Avenue location until two years ago, when the Tesla showroom opened.

    • Is it actually going to be condos? Or just retail space?

      If condos, I really hope they call it something edgy like “The Mission” or perhaps “The Derelict√®”

  • Best acronym

  • If you remember Michael, the homeless guy that used to camp there (slept on a sleeping bag), I have kept in touch with him…. he is now back home with his family. Quite a saga :^)

  • I would not want to live there…..not because it was a homeless shelter, but because it is too close to the high-crime block on R Street between 14th and 15th.

  • Looks a million-trillion times better

  • figby

    Awesome. More bland corporate development, just like all the crappy and weirdly identical commercial development all around 14th Street and beyond. The visual uniformity will be quite jarring in about four years.

    • How can uniformity be jarring? Won’t it be more cohesive, like say a block of identically styled row houses?

      To my amateur eyes, the urban architecture of today–glass, space, openness, greenery, graceful limited ornamentation— seems so much better than almost every thing built between say 1955-1995.

      • figby

        It will be jarring when we realize that in our zeal to get something, anything, just something better into formerly blighted urban spaces that we settled for less than we deserve. Edgy-suburban to match all the condos going on. Soon enough it will look like a planned community.

    • Nice response, Roz. I largely agree. Figby, this is mostly adaptive reuse of the existing buildings. I can see how new glass boxes or new faux urban stuff might irk you, but that’s not what’s going on here.

    • Figby — Why didnt you buy it and turn it into something else then?

  • There have been so many ‘coming soon’ announcements for this property that I will believe it when I see it.

  • Gosh, more construction!!

  • The 1400 block of R Street and the 1400 block of W Street have major issues with loitering and drug dealing. It isn’t necesarily the residents of the block, but their friends, unfortunately, or who they choose to hang out with. Need to do something about loitering laws in DC to fix the issue (ie., groups hanging out on the block at 4 a.m. really means trouble).

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