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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: My amazon package got stolen. It had my mom’s x-mas gift and now I don’t have anything for her πŸ™ Traveling international tomorrow morning and have yet to pack so I won’t have time to get her a new one.

    RAVE: Amazon refunded me, they are the best. Favorite company, ever.

    RAVE: Going to Argentina to see my mom tomorrow! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  • Rant: Still not feeling great. Stupid viruses.

    Rave: Came in today and it turns out we’re closing shop at noon. Hello, afternoon on the couch!

  • Rant: Rubbish blowing around NH Ave north of Petworth metro.

  • Rant: shooting on H street this morning in the line of people lined up for air jordans. Typically Ghetto. I mean, jeez…why is anyone surprised. You have a bunch of people, half of which I can guarantee are on the dole, line up for hours to spend hundreds of dollars buying a pair of shoes, and do so while packing heat.

  • saf

    Emmaleigh – did you find your duck?

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Hubs is in a mood and its bringing me down. So much to be thankful for this holiday season!

    Revel: Gift shopping is done and some have been deployed!

    Rant: No one’s in the office and not a whole lot to do. Feel like I’m wasting a day I could be doing laundry and packing.

    Revel: Youngest bro and fiancee sent us a package of cookies. Can’t wait to eat them and then mail them back some.

  • RANT: I have a job where most of the time I DO NOTHING!!! It is like some version of solitary confinement, just with an office. I go bonkers just staring at the wall. If there was no Internet, I would have to read the phone book all day or something. And my anger at the futility of the situation just builds and builds and builds!!!

    Then, when somebody comes in asking for something, I JUMP out of my skin and SNAP at them like a horrible person!!!! I don’t get why! I am a mild person by temperament, though I can be impatient.

    Am I like a dog that’s been left in the house all day? What gives? I hate this!!!! Any pop psychologists out there?

    I went from a job where I worked 55-60 hours a week and wanted a promotion, i.e., BIGGER CHALLENGES. Then I came here, totally misunderstood what this office does apparently, and have work maybe 20 hours a week.

    What is your assessment PoPville PeoPles? I can’t just snap my fingers, poof and disappear from this job as things stand . . . how do I make this job (and myself!) bearable?

    RAVE: I got my wife Christmas presents yesterday.

    • Is there a supervisor or someone higher up you can talk to? Can you tell them that you don’t feel challenged and don’t have enough to do to fill a work day?

    • no advice, I’m just jealous. daydreaming about what I would do with all that downtime at work. sigh…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Didn’t sleep well last night and don’t feel like being at work on such a slow day.

    Rave: Grandpa sent me a Downton Abbey T-shirt for Christmas. I think it’s bribe to get me to stop watching Sherlock which he loathes.

  • Rave: Good workout this morning
    Rave: After a post-workout stretch session my back/neck/shoulders feel normal – I guess stretching does something.
    Rave: The world hasn’t ended!
    Rant: Three flights on Sunday to get home to West Coast…Delta let me change my shitty itinerary please!

  • RANT: How should elementary schools handle the issue of bullies? Family members were of a kindergarden girl were protesting outside Mundo Verde Charter (16th and Park) because the school if refusing to allow the girl to change classrooms due to a bully in her class. I know kids in that school and they say the boy is a bully.

    I guess if they move the girl to a class where she would feel safe in would be admiting to having a bully in school.


      Zero Tolerance on Bullying means we will protect the bully by quieting the victim.

      I take the bus near the protest today and heard others at the stop mentioned that the school kicked the victim out of school. Don’t know if this is true or not.

      • I am a parent at the school; the parent announced that they left the school on their own, they were not asked to leave.

  • RANT: The hurt and missing someone after a breakup doesn’t decrease linearly as time passes. I’ve just been hit with a massive wave of sadness and regret and there’s nothing I can do about it.

    RAVE: Great friends.

    • Condolences, I know how much this sucks, and you’re right- some days you feel like you’re going backwards. But, I think even though there is some “noise” — if you were to plot the pain on a smoothed, moving average graph the trend would be going in the right direction.

  • Rant/Rave: Getting called out for not responding to texts/a call from my best friend. Sucks that he feels I’ve neglected our relationship but grateful he can just out and say that and not hold a grudge.

    Rant: Some people (not best friend) assume immediate responses via text. Just because I have cell doesn’t mean I check it constantly and have time to respond to every text…

    Rave: Quiet at work but lots of work to do. Can actually work without interruption…

  • Stumbled on a mom, dad, and kid protesting outside of Mundo Verde Public Charter school this morning on 16th and Park NW. Their signs said things like: our kid was bullied at Mundo Verde, Mundo Verde does not listen to children, and Mundo Verde forced our family out. It sounded like the kid was bullied but not taken seriously by school administration. I think its cool that parents are teaching their kids about civil disobedience early on- and to make sure bullying is taken seriously.

  • Sad about Christmas without my mother who died in October – I feel like I’m just going thru the motions. I know it gets better with time but I have a ways to go.

    • Oh I’m so sorry, that must be so hard.

    • Sorry for your loss. Hope you have a peaceful Christmas. This is also the first Christmas for my grandma without my grandpa- they were together for 67 years. The “firsts” are always hard for all of us.

  • Rave: Shopping is all done! (although if I stop by the Holiday Market after work I might pick up something extra for the gf – jewelry or something.)

    Rant: The Macy’s coupon I had didn’t apply for what I bought last night.

    Rave: I still saved $50 on what I bought there.

  • Rave: At the airport, going home for almost an entire week! Happy Holidays!
    Rant: At the airport, waiting an extra hour and a half due to delays.
    Rave: Free Wi-fi!

  • Rant: Cough/cold progressing through stages — currently at the post-nasal drop phase. No voice. Gross.

    Deflated: Mom and Dad are still in a trial separation phase after 41 years of marriage (Mom initiated it, shock to everyone esp Dad) so holidays are weird. Having brunch with her tomorrow — hoping it goes well. Just want it to all be over.

    Rave: Love my immediate colleagues.

    Rant: We’re all going to get a talking-to about arriving right at 9am instead of 9-ish. I have a hard time with really rigid structure. Yes, that sounds lame and like a total slacker, but it’s the truth.

    Rave: My husband rocks.

    Rave: PopVille. I really look forward to reading these comments everyday to see how folks are doing.

    Ok, I’m done now. Apparently there was more on my mind than I thought…

  • novadancer

    rave: 2nd haircut to fix original bad hair cut. Now looks stylish and cute and was 1/2 the price! Think I found my new stylist!

    2nd rave: last day in office until January 2 πŸ™‚

  • Fed govt closed on the 24th. nice.

  • Rant: Cannot get rid of hives. Don’t have a clue what caused them. They go and come and are driving me crazy. Tired of being in a benedryl haze.

    Rave: Got the last tasso from Three Little Pigs last night. Pure heaven.

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