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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: Redskins Win!!!
    Rant: Too many Giants fans could be seen/heard at FedEx on MNF.
    Revel: hearing the crowd sing “hail to the Redskins on MNF”

  • Revel: RGIII, Alfred Morris, and a Skins Win!
    Rant: Still no NHL

  • Rant: Having a car come within a foot of me on my bike commute. Couldn’t tell if the guy was a) being a jerk or b) being oblivious or unable to properly estimate distance. Either way, he shouldn’t be on the road.
    Rave: Last class, and now only a final awaits me!

  • Anyone know when/why the traffic patterns on Webster St. NW have changed? It used to allow two-way traffic between Rock Creek Church Road and 3rd Street, and from 3rd St to New Hampshire it was one-way travelling west.

    Now, it’s divided like this:

    2nd to New Hampshire: One-way travelling west.
    Rock Creek Church to 2nd: One-way travelling east.

    Totally confused me on my way to work today.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Advil

    Rave: Almost done Xmas shopping.

    Rant: Can’t think of anything for my girl cousin.

    Rave: Kitty is almost “beddow” after her recent illness.

  • Rave: Started working out in the mornings. Its not that bad once you get over the waking up at 545 thing.
    Rant: Sherman Avenue….when is it going to be done. My car cant take any more abuse!
    Revel: Christmas Dinner. Will be cooking all Jamaican Christmas dinner this year. Including sweet potato pudding…hmmmm Cannot wait!

  • Rave: The Reverend Horton Heat. So Pumped.

  • Rant: Life insurance companies that leverage a vulnerable moment to try to leverage more profit off vulnerable people. One doesn’t send a check, it sets up an account paying 0.1% interest so it use your money until you get around to taking it back. Another makes you go to the agent’s office to pick up the check, so that the agent can attempt to sell you some low-return, fee generating investment product.

    At least I’m relatively young, somewhat sophisticated financially and a jerk when I need to be. I wonder what would happen if they got their carrion-feeding beaks into someone like my mother.

    And besides, that money is already committed, to the kids’ tuition, whatever it takes to build equity in the house, a good deal of gin, and a torrid but doomed romance with younger, married, international development specialist sometime next fall.

  • Allison

    Rave: Turned on the ’90s music channel this morning and have been having a throwback sing along to my favorites… TLC, Puff Daddy (when he was Puff Daddy…) Matchbox 20, Fastball

    Rant: Have to take a three hour final exam this afternoon. Mostly I just get really bored around hour 2.

  • I tried Chilango last night and was very disappointed. though they did have great hot sauces and a nice tamarind drink.

    • What disappointed you exactly?

      • the tacos were pretty bland ( minus the 3 great hot sauces… though the hotest one was WAY better than the green or red ) , not very fresh tasting, and had a lardy kind of heaviness to them. nothing special. i’ve had better tacos elsewhere in dc.

        i went in thinking the place was special and i really wanted to like it, so i was a bit disappointed.
        staff seemed very nice though.

        maybe i’ll go back for drinks and the sides, but not the tacos.

  • Rave: Found out where the dead mouse smell was coming from. Fortunately it was in the grill, and not in the house as I originally thought. The smell managed to penetrate the house nonetheless, but at least I can open the windows today and air it out.

    Rant: Have absolutely no appetite after dealing with that.

  • Revel: HTTR!
    Rant: None today, thanks Griff.

  • Rave: Great job redskins! You gave my Cowboys new life in the playoff hunt by toppling the Giants!

    • as a cowboys fan, i couldnt decide who i wanted to win. If the giants won, then they basically had the NFC East, but it would put the skins one game behind us in the wildcard. Now, we are both one game behind the Giants, but lose the tiebreaker to both teams (as of now).

      Either way, lets beat the Bengals and hope the Ravens and Saints help us out!

  • Rave: Totally smitten with a person. Head over heels and the happiest I’ve been in a really long time, if ever. I feel like I may actually be cracking open my heart after being hurt and closed off. Haven’t felt like I do with any of my other past relationships and the person I’m with feels the same.
    Rant: Have been making plans for months to move out of town, way before this recent development and really am having trouble with the idea of not being around this person. I feel like on one hand, if it’s meant to be it will be, but on the other I don’t want to loose this amazing opportunity. Fear sucks.

    • awww. so sweet.

      imagine looking back at your life and considering how you acted due to fear.
      or think about something 10 years ago that was affected by fear.

      life is too short to be hampered by it. go for what you want.

  • Rant: New Hampshire Avenue south of Dupont Circle is a mess. Had a woman honk and nearly run me over because she thought she could turn left into Dupont Circle from between a set of construction barrels.

    Rave: Windows open at home and lunch and a run outside 😀

  • Rave: Get to skip work tomorrow for a volunteer event

    Rant: 4 more hours of sitting at this desk today before I get to go sit for 3 more hours in a classroom.

  • Rant: my sister’s wedding on Saturday was a complete disaster, a pathetic hotel wedding with neon back lighting, and too many military bros in formal dress for my taste. The guy she married is an abusive, nasty man, who uninvited me to the ceremony. I hope he gets hit by a bus. This whole ordeal has been so upsetting for my parents, who only learned at the wedding that the newly wed couple will be moving across the country in 2013.

    Rave: AT LEAST ITS OVER. So, my boyfriend and I can finally announce our engagement soon, guaranteed to cheer up nearly EVERYONE who knows about my sister’s dramatic, depressed wedding (or at least I hope).

    Rant: Christmas shopping has caused me to backslide on my good finances. Boo credit card balances.

    Rave: Sister’s new husband isn’t invited to Christmas!!!! It’ll be nice for my family to regroup and realize how much love we still have between us.

    • Yikes. Why do I have a feeling that your dysfunctional family does not limit itself to your sister? “Too many military bros in formal dress for my taste.” Uck. I’m glad we’re not related. Your post makes me very grateful for my own family.


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