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  • nice – I actually really like the Protein Bar – I hate their name, but the food is good. The vegetarian chili is delicious and given their breakfast menu, I’m sure they’ll do great all day at the new location.

    Even if there’s a line, it goes quickly and your food is ready fast, too. I wonder if this location will be open 7 day a week, and for dinner like PQ.

  • Great! Loved Protein Bar in Chicago. +1 on the Veggie & Quinoa Chili. I have not been to the Penn Quarter location. It will do well at 19th & K.

    Would love to see another Protein Bar go in the Universal Building on Connecticut Ave where Mark Furstenberg’s bakery was supposed to be… if it weren’t for the failed negotiations with Vornado (the 10 year lease!). That space has been empty for too long.

  • I love the Penn Quarter Protein Bar– everything is so fresh and delicious. I don’t normally eat fast food, but I make it a point to go there if I’m in the area. I’m happy to see they’re expanding and hope they come to Capitol Hill someday.

  • I really hope they can pull this off, because health food restaurants usually don’t last. I think that for most people, going out to eat is a chance to splurge, no matter how healthy they eat at home.

  • My office building is on the same block, and this is going to be SO bad for my pre-New Year’s resolution to be fiscally prudent and bring my lunches from home! I’ve been to the Penn Quarter location a few times, and enjoyed the wraps and smoothies I tried there…and any menu with copious kale and quinoa options is ok in my book!

  • What are “house seasoned black beans”? Black beans that taste like a doormat? I didn’t know that houses could be used as seasoning.

  • They’re also opening a location near Ballston. I’ve been to the Penn Quarter one a few times. The Green City Vegan Bar-rito is pretty darn good.

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