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  • Does anyone know if their Pho contains MSG? I love the veggie broth. Thanks!

  • Wonder if the food will be better at this location? The one time we went, the summer rolls were teeny tiny and the pho was inedible. Dumped the broth and turned the noodles and accompaniments into a completely different dish. Kind of defeated the purpose of takeout.

  • Will drunken club revelers now brawl over heaping bowls of beef noodle soup as opposed to jumbo slices at 2am on a Friday night? Time will only time.

  • News of one more Pho place opening on this blog and I am proposing at moratorium on licenses for establishments that serve it. Seriously, enough.

  • Emmaleigh504

    So excited! This is practically my front door!

    • Seasons’ greetings, Emmaleigh.

      I am elated that Pho 14 is coming to Columbia Road and so close to my home, too, and so I no longer have to trek to 14th and Park Road for some Pho. I was there when they first opened, and again when they expanded next door.

      I’ve always liked your comments on this forum, Emmaleigh, and cordially invite you for lunch there on opening day, Wednesday.

      I’m walking up from my home on Champlain Street before the 11 AM opening to be one of the first customers.

      Please join me.

      I’ll be wearing either my Cherry Blossom Festival cap or my Champlain project’s construction hard hat depending on how my morning goes.

      If you can’t make, perhaps another time.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours, Emmaleigh.


      • Emmaleigh504

        Hello Carlos!

        I’ll be at work on opening day, but thanks for the invite. I’m sure to pop into Pho 14 sometime soon, maybe I’ll see you then. You’ll know its me by my tattoo 😉

        Happy Holidays!

  • I know I’m supposed to write something cynical about how there are already too many so and so restaurants or how the only people that go to Adams Morgan and drunk morons and only at 2 AM on Saturday, but actually the original in CoHi is quite good and I’m really excited to have good Bahn Mi in the neighborhood.

    Sorry for not having something clever or witty to say.

  • can’t wait for the van ness location. they still on track for opening next week?

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