New Crepe Truck, Crêpes Parfait, Soft Opening Saturday

From a Crêpes Parfait press release:

The Food Truck

The Crêpes Parfait mobile crêperie has been designed to resemble an old French countryside
structure, with its white cracked stucco, stained wooden shutters and metallic copper accents.
The large serving window offers a full view of the chef preparing the crêpes from scratch, and
the aromas spreading invitingly for a very memorable customer experience.

Soft Opening: Farragut Square, Saturday, 12/8/12, 12 PM

Crêpes Parfait will conduct a Soft Opening at 12:00 pm on Saturday, December 8, 2012 to
friends, family and members of the media. Crêpes will be sold at a special sale price of $5.00
between 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM to the general public.

Grand Opening: State Dept. Virginia Ave, Monday, 12/10/12, 11 AM

On Monday, December 10, 2012, Crêpes Parfait will reveal the Grand Opening of their beautiful
new food truck to the general public at 11:00 AM!

The Crêpes

Crêpes Parfait brings traditional Old World flavors to Washington that are typically enjoyed in
northern France. The perfect 15-inch crêpes are cooked on old fashioned cast iron griddles
with sweet and savory fillings. After the grand opening, all crêpes will be competitively priced
between $7-$9 with up to a quarter pound of fillings that will satisfy any meal. Specials and
combination meals with soup and a beverage will target a very happy $10-15 price point. For
gluten-sensitive patrons, a gluten-free version of all crêpes are available.

You can see their menu here.

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  • The logo is adorable!

    • Thank you Phoebe! We hope you can make it to our Soft Opening this Saturday, or our Grand Opening on Monday 🙂

  • Technically, that should be “Crêpes Parfaites”… but if their crêpes are good, I’ll forgive them.

    • We should be friends.

    • Hehe! Thank you for comment 🙂 We have a blog article on our website which explains the making of our brand and how we came up with our name—where we discuss portmanteau, etc (scroll down to “Grammmmatically Correct”). Please do try to make it to the Soft Opening! If you can’t, we will be at the State Department (Virginia Ave) for our Grand Opening on Monday 12/10/12!

  • This is so fabulous. I love crepes AND parfaits! To combine the two is tres magnifique, oui et bonjour!

  • houseintherear

    Wow, weird- I saw this truck the other day parked in a neighborhood in Kensington, and wondered what it was all about… yay crepes!

  • Grah! I’ve had it with food trucks charging $15 for pedestrian lunch offerings like a crepe with ham and cheese. Are you serious? $15 for a crepe, a Coke, and a little cup of soup? Can someone explain to be how that is competitively priced?

    It was fun when formerly great trucks like Basil Thyme and Rolling Ficille were whipping up something new and tasty at a fair price (under $10). But now a food truck lunch costs you double what you’d pay in the troughs. Not sure it’s worth it anymore.

    • I’ve been waiting for this truck! Hmm, but I think $8-12 is fair. The ingredients are quality. You can’t even get a MCD extra value meal less than $8 these days, hehe. Lisa.

  • PDleftMtP

    Salty. Caramel. Crepes.

    That is all.

  • Was delicious! Thanks for the crepes. I love the vegetarian and sweet options.

  • FANCY !! (as usual) Small Plates? …anyway, does anyone know where I can find a pulled-pork BBQ sandwich with slaw in DC

  • This is one of the best new food trucks out there! I love the design of the rustic looking truck and the crepes were delicious. My co-worker and I both bought a sweet and savory crepe. I hope they return to L’Enfant Plaza soon.

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