New All Ages Music Venue, 9th and Beats, Opens in Mt. Vernon Square

1207 9th Street, NW

9th and Beats is located in the former Tokyo Sushi space attached to the Old Dominion Brewhouse on 9th Street. From a press release:

“Where can you find an all-ages music venue that boasts rotating art exhibitions? At 9th & Beats, the brainchild of Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Festival founder Dave Mann and photojournalist Rachel Eisley. Located inside Old Dominion Brewhouse, near the Washington Convention Center, this new venue promises live music for the younger set, a mixture of music (both live and spun) and comedy for the 18+ crowd, and revolving art installations that showcase local and East coast emerging talent.”

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  • diploj

    Maybe it’s just me, but this sounds terrible.

    • it’s for the kids yo. we need more places that teenagers can hang out. even if they’re crappy by adult standards.

  • The press release says the venue is “all-ages,” but also mentions music and comedy “for the 18+ crowd.” Which is it, all-ages or 18+?

  • Not a whole lot teenagers in these parts. What’s the target market here?

    • i don’t understand your post. not everyone stays in their neighborhood to have fun. teenagers take the metro too.

      • @RozCat this location is less than 7 blocks from Dunbar High School and they’re are tons of kids within a mile of this place…

        I think this is a great idea, I hope it can be well executed.

  • Ah, adults are no fun. I remember discovering Fugazi, nirvana and green day at all ages shows, starting at 15. One of my favorite venues was gilman street in berkeley ( a lot of people’s favorite). We also saw shows at public libraries, schools and people’s parents houses. This was mainly in northern california, though dc has a strong all ages punk tradition ( see Minor Threat). Not to say this venue will have punk or indie music — sounds like dj music (yikes, cant relate, but then again I’m old) or hip hop (better). Anyway, i wish them well. Sounds like a great venue for kids.

  • Dave Mann = A joke

  • Some of the comments here are frankly a sad, sad sign of everything that drives me crazy about this town…

    Have any of you actually been to the venue? I have. The folks who put this together have done great work both in building out the space and in doing outreach to get a variety of visual and performing artists involved. So I’m not sure what “sounds terrible” about that and I’m not sure what an anonymous comment about Dave Mann being a joke has to do with the price of tea in China, but I know I’d like to see more people actually stepping up and trying to make something good happen in this town and fewer people trying to tear down things they weren’t involved with and don’t know anything about…

    As for Lane’s comment, this one is simple. Some of the events are all ages. Some of the events will be 18+. Venues need to make money in order to stay open. They make more money when they can sell alcohol than when the can’t. They can use money from the 18+ events to subsidize the all ages events. That’s not a difficult concept, is it?

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