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  • That seems dirt cheap for a 4 BR
    even in that location

  • wouldn’t be my first choice of where to live. But under $700 a month per person is pretty good, and it’s close to the 70 bus.

  • I rent a room at a house near there, at Columbia and Warder. Looking at the listing page, my house looks like it has the exact same layout, but we have much worse appliances, and some pretty bad maintenance problems right now. Our house doesn’t have the added 4th bedroom and bath on the main level, but there is a separate basement studio with bathroom. All that combined, we’re paying way more in rent for much less of a house. ugh I hate dc real estate.

    • And now you have some comps to negotiate with your slum/landlord the next time you renew the lease or need maintenance. Otherwise, just pick up and move to this place. You’ll save a lot of money.

  • We looked at this house last year when it was for sale! I think it was a foreclosure situation. Glad it got bought & fixed up-ish. The 4th bedroom is weird – there is a window into the living room because in order to be a “bedroom” in DC there has to be a window. But not the worst option for rental.

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