KBC Launches Weekend Late Night Menu and Tues. Movie Night

3412 11th St, NW

From an email:

“Kangaroo Boxing Club has started showing fun movies every Tuesday starting around 10 PM. Past choices have been The Big Lebowski, Animal House and the Dark Knight with accompanying drink specials.

Also, we have added a late night menu that is available right now every Friday and Saturday.”

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  • Tell me more about this “F**kit Bucket.”

  • KBC was awesome for its first few months but has since taken a nose dive. The food is losing its flavor and the portions have shrank significantly. Please go back to the way you were.

  • I had a very enjoyable brunch there a few weeks back. The four of us loved our food, the service was attentive but not too crazy and they let us sit there talking for a long time while a line was at the door (yes, I know we are “those” people lingering – but it was good catching up).

    Overall I enjoyed it a lot. The interior feels a bit forced and cheap (especially those wood things the receipt came on – or was it the menu?) but I had a great meal and great time. Now I need to go back and get the pork that I miss from the truck…

  • I LOVE KBC!!! The staff is wonderful, food is always so yummmmmmmy! Has anyone tried that diving carrot soup? OMGEEEEEE it’s really good.

  • I meant divine not diving carrot soup.

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