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  • I do wanna get jerked. How much?!?!

  • Meh. Pimento Grill is the only decent Jamaican I’ve had in DC. Just Jerk in New Carrolton is the best, period.

    • Yep Pimento Grill is awesome! Their jerk turkey avacodo sandwich on cocoa bread is an awe inspiring concept.

    • You might be the only PoPer I know to venture out there. You go everywhere.

      • People around here, mostly newcomers, are for some reason terrified of the suburbs. I honestly believe they think they’ll be face to face with scores of shotgun-toting rednecks in pickup trucks if they venture into Arlington, or chain-wielding bloods and crips if they cross over into PG County.

    • JUST JERK IS SO GOD DAMNED AMAZING. I work out there and one of my operations guys turned me on to it. So so so so good.

  • It’s good but still give the edge to Sweet Mango

  • This place seems to be closed every time I get the urge to go.

  • Me thinks (or however you all type it out) you are asking the wrong crowd on this one.

  • I can tell you that the best beef pattie that I have ever had (and I’ve had many) is from the Caribbean ice cream spot off of GA Ave by 495 in Silver Spring. So damn good. Their veggie pattie is dope as well. They are most known though for their Guinness ice cream.

  • I’ve been twice and had the jerk both times, the jerk was very good.

  • Best wings in the city. Seriously. Like they came right off the outdoor grill. They aren’t tossed in sauce, but they have spices on them and are a bit spicy. So good.

  • On a related note, anybody know where an ex-Brooklyn girl can find a good veggie roti in this town? (Preferably in the District, or at least in the near-‘burbs and accessible by public transit.)

    I had a moment of brief euphoria when I spied a branch of that downtown lunch chain Roti…needless to say, it faded as soon as I got up to the door and checked out their menu. Not that there’s anything wrong with their menu per se, it just wasn’t the roti I was looking for. 😉

  • I live around the corner and love the place – it remains a piece of the mix for my quick-meal fixes. Agreeing with a previous-poster: the chicken wings are awesome, and probably the best tasting menu item. However, I do miss that used to provide plantains as an “included” side-dish, but have discontinued and now charge separately for this.

  • I frequent Jamaican Joe’s, as do a TON of my friends. Granted, we usually go around 3am on the weekends, but we’ve been many times sober too. The jerk chicken (I usually go for the quarter chicken) is delicious and tender. And the sweet potato fries are excellent. Hands down better than my two experiences at Sweet Mango (terrible service, incredibly dry food, menu items not available). I highly highly recommend this place.

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