‘Hat Check Shop’ Coming to 14th and Colorado Ave, NW

14th, Colorado, Kennedy Streets NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word that a ‘Hat Check Shop’ will be coming to 5501 14th Street NW. Couldn’t find any info about them online. Has anyone ever heard of them? Clothing boutique?

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  • I never know what to do with my hat when I’m crossing 14th St. Now I can check it!

  • I sincerely hope this is some sort of restaurant or café. The area could definitely use one.

  • I live in the area and was told by a neighbor, who spoke to the construction crew, that it will be a two story restaurant with a roof deck.

  • I sympathize with the optimism, but work at the site stopped in September.

  • Please please please please be a restaurant or cafe. I live across the street and we need some more healthy alive after 5 in this area!

  • From our listserv: OK! Here’s the deal on the vacant space at 14th & Colorado Ave., NW:

    We spoke with the building’s owner, Mr. Marcio Campos, who’s very conscientious about protecting the integrity of his building and not wanting to fuel rumors that may bring any “bad light” or unwanted attention to or on the space; and he has advised us, he has no idea who pasted “Coming Soon, The Hat Check” sign on the building’s front window.

    He authorized us, today, to remove it and we did; along with a 1/2-dozen or more “$200 for your Junk Car” signs put up on poles along 14th, from Jefferson to Longfellow, sometime this morning.

    What Mr. Campos has been able to tell me — back during the 3rd week of October 2012 — is that he has signed a long-term lease with a restaurateur, who, for the time being, has him under a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement, not to expose who it is or what type of restaurant it is going to be, but is allowed to reveal that this location will be the restaurateur’s second, in the WDC arena.

    There were contractors there, a few months ago, during the summer, completing permitted work; fixing a gaping hole on the first floor, looking down into the basement and leveling the floor, from front to back. That’s why, when you viewed the photo on the blog posted yesterday — for those of you who saw it — you see a DCRA issued Postcard Permit affixed to the window, right next to the “Coming Soon / The Hat Check” sign, also posted on the window. That work has been completed.

    Once built-out, the facility will be an open atrium-type, 2-level restaurant, where patrons can visibly see each other, up or down, depending on where you are seated. I am told, the new owners will first opt for outdoor/sidewalk seating, before adding on any roof-top seating. Roof-top dining may come after the first or second year, depending on their initial success.

    Hope this has been helpful. If there are any additional questions or concerns we can answer, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or off-list.

    Taalib-Din Uqdah
    1-4 UBA / SPOT TEAM

    • That is super exciting. Thanks for looking into this and for all you’re doing for the neighborhood, Taalib-Din Uqdah.

      David G.

  • Thank goodness–I can not wait! With Colorado Kitchen and the jazz club gone we need a restaurant or bar in this commercial row again. I’m looking forward to having more places around the corner to have food or a drink with neighbors again.

  • Fingers crossed! I know the owner of Domku was looking at the building, and would love to have her in the neighborhood.

  • Nice! I will be a regular. That corner is perfect for sidewalk seating. I love the atrium style idea.

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