Found Dog

Dear PoPville,

This morning, I found a dog wandering around the intersection of Sherman and New Hampshire, where all the construction is. He’s probably about 50 lbs, black, friendly, and needs a good bath but other than that seems healthy. Also wanted to point out he has a collar but no tags. I took him in and gave him some water and some food. I go home for the holidays tomorrow. If I don’t hear from the owner I will have to take him to the shelter tomorrow.

I can be reached by email at [email protected] Thanks!

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  • Sometimes owners report their pets missing to their vets and the local emergency clinics in case someone brings them in, so calling around might be worth a shot. Nice of you to let the little guy hang out with you, very generous move!

  • Hi,

    I am the original poster– earlier today (12/22) dropped this dog off at the Washington Humane Society on 1201 New York St. NE. The front desk staffer figured out that he is roughly 7 years old, male, neurtered. He was so loving and quiet (not a barker at all!) that I can’t wait to call and hear that his family has found him. Please call the Human Society at 202-576-6664 to tell them you’re his family and you’re coming. Bless the people that work here!

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