Pret a Manger Coming to Dress Barn Space at 17th and K St, NW

1701 K Street, NW

And I didn’t even know the Dress Barn had closed… A permit posted out front says a restaurant will be coming into the space:

More info as it becomes available. Pret a Manger it is. Pret a Manger is on a Taylor Gourmet paced expansion around town!

Ed. Note: We recently learned that a Noodles and Company was opening across the street on the east side of 17th and K.

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  • It’s going to be a Pret A Manger, according to the new window coverings that were put up a few days ago.

  • talula

    There’s another Pret 3 blocks away on 18th & I. So many Prets!

  • Dress Barn is, literally, the worst name for a women’s clothing store.

  • Meh. Am I the only one who really does not like Pret? A couple of times I’ve gotten stuff there so inedible, it wound up in the trash.

    • i’ve never been. not even tempted to go. probably never will.

    • Elle

      I actually really like it, for an overpriced quick grab-and-go meal. They’re very consistent from location to location and everything I’ve gotten has been fresh. I like the flavor combinations much more so than at Au Bon Pain, and they have good healthy and mix-and-match options.

      • I’ve never tried their sandwiches, but I thought their salads and their yogurt/granola pots were decent, the few times I couldn’t bring my food with me and needed to grab something quick. Also, I don’t know this first-hand, but I think I remember hearing somewhere that Pret is actually among the better companies (not that the bar is that high) in the quick-grab food industry, as far as starting wages and working conditions go.

    • Pret is EASILY the best quick sandwich/coffee chain in the area. They need to buy and replace every Au Bon Pain, putting them out of existence forever.

  • Everything I’ve tried at Pret (two visits) was disgusting! There’s one at 19th and L…why do they need one so close? Ugh we need more choices, not the same crap!

  • I actually really like a couple of the baguettes at Pret, but I am so sick of chains putting their locations so close together. Just a matter of time until every block in the city has a Pret, a Taylor, a Sweetgreen and a Potbelly!

  • Pret is awesome. Yay.

  • I’m just relieved that it’s not a CVS. Also, this made me sad. I love walking past the Dress Barn and wondering who on Earth shops at the Dress Barn anymore.

    • Women, on their lunch hour, who need affordable decent-looking clothes. I, for one, will miss Dress Barn here. Was just there about a month ago and had no idea they were closing. The ladies who worked there were really nice and helpful, so I hope they got jobs at other locations. There’s nothing to buy downtown anymore except a flavorless wrap, weak coffee, and food truck crap.

  • There is already a Pret three block away, and another two blocks away (four blocks from the first). I do not understand Pret’s location decisions.

    • How far do people walk for lunch? 3 blocks? It’s not like there’s a shortage of people in this area. May as well make it convenient for them.

  • I live in London now, and if you think there’s Pret everywhere in DC, come over here. But I’m surprised at the comments on quality; it’s great here.

  • Pret is this decade’s Cosi…

    • And you see what has happened to 2 Cosi’s directly in that area also….the one at 19th and K and the one at 20th and M are both closed up and no more….there was just too many in one area…the one at Dupont Circle South was enough for that entire area as shown by these 2 closures….PRET SHOULD LEARN FROM COSI…..and besides Cosi’s food is WAYYYYYY better than Pret’s any day of the week!

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