Christmas Tree Curbside Pick Up Info

Photo by PoPville flickr user Brandon Kopp

From DC311:

“Holiday trees collected “curbside” Dec 31st-Jan12th. After the 12th, please place where trash/recycling are collected.”

How long do you guys usually keep your tree up after Christmas?

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  • I keep it through New Years, than January 6th is the Orthodox Christmas, and then January 13th is the old New Year (old Soviet thing). So yeah, this pick up is ruining my old new year celebration! 😉

  • I live in an apartment building on 16th. Should I just leave the tree on the grassy part of the curb in front of the building? How does it work for apartment dwellers?

    • Apartment dwellers typically have to dispose of their trees the same way as they dispose of their garbage and other recyclables. Since the city (typically) doesn’t pick up anything from apt buildings, they won’t pick a tree left on the curb (or in the alley) at an apt bulding. You might want to ask your building management for specifics to your case.

    • According to the DPW website:
      “Holiday trees and wreaths will be picked up between December 31 and January 12. Remove all ornaments and between Sunday, December 30 and Sunday, January 6, place the greenery where you place your trash and recycling for collection. Please do not put the trees in plastic or cloth bags. Trees collected between December 31 and January 12 will be chipped and composted.”

      So I guess who ever picks up your trash – city or private collectors – will pick up your tree, from your regular trash/recycling spot, which is not necessarily the tree box.

  • No tree at my house this year, but somebody was kind enough to deposit theirs in my backyard while I was out of town, so I do get to dispose of one! And since they’re being picked up curbside until the 12th, that means I either need to drag it around to the front or stare at it for the next two weeks.

    So inconsiderate, but sadly also not surprising.

  • Does anyone know if they have to be bagged?

  • Hmm, sounds like DC311’s tweet (?) was misleading.

    From the link I pasted in my reply to the above (which will probably take a little while to show up), it looks like you’re supposed to put your tree wherever your trash and recycling are normally picked up. So it would only be “curbside” if that’s where your trash pickup normally is (as opposed to on the alley side).

  • saf

    Through Epiphany – 1/6

  • On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me . . . .

    . . . a garbage truck to remove my tree.


  • Gone on New Year’s day, and yes, put it in the tree box even if you’re garbage is picked up in the alley. Or that’s the way it’s been for 20+ years.

    • Hmm… if this is the case, they need to explain themselves better (and more accurately) on their website. It’s awfully confusing if one DPW source says that trees are collected curbside and another says they should be placed in the same location as trash and recycling.

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