Wiseguy NY Pizza Grand Opening Postponed Until Thurs. Nov. 15th

4th and H St, NW

At long last Wiseguy NY Pizza is having their grand opening on Wed. in Mt. Vernon Square. The grand opening has been postponed until Thurs. Nov. 15th. I can’t wait for a taste and a proper judging. Stay tuned.

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  • Their Facebook page said they postponed until Nov 15.

  • I appreciate that this place will understand me when (if) I order a large cheese pie, but I dislike the snobbery branding.

    And shouldn’t it be, “NO Short Cuts, NO Compromises”?

  • I want to see them “make everything from scratch”.

    So, they will make their own cheese, grow all their own vegetables, grow and process all the grains, make all their meats (including the raising and slaughter).

    Should be interesting.

    • thats not what that means.

      • Everything means everything. They said it, let’s see them back it up!

        But it doesn’t have to be quality – they didn’t write: “Quality of the meats” or “Quality of the vegetable toppings” or even “Quality of the finished pie”…. so… should be artistically interesting.

  • I hate NY, and I will prob hate this place. See the last three… nothing to brag about. NY sycophants take note.

  • Had two slices of pizza and one slice of sicilian from this place. Not best ever, but the crust is distinctly NY-style. I’d eat there again.

    • I also had two slices on soft open day. Frankly, I don’t think it’s possible to have the “best ever” in the US. Naples….yes. DC or even NYC….no. But it’s the best slice I’ve had in DC for sure.

  • I see that they removed the Yankees logo

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