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  • Hooray for veterans. Boo for the fact that the baby brother is slated to deploy again to Afghanistan in March.

    If you are looking for a way to show some love to veterans, consider a donation to Homes for Our Troops or Wounded Warrior. We have a friend who received a home from Homes for Our Troops. A small thank you for the 200+ surgeries he endured at Walter Reed after driving over an IED in Afghanistan and losing his leg.

    Happy Veterans Day.

  • Do we say Happy Veterans Day? I hesitate to say that because what if families have lost someone who has served? I would think that it would be bittersweet, if not a bitter reminder? I don’t know what to say.

    Thank you to all the women and men who have served and are serving our country now.

    • Both of my veteran brothers say Happy Veterans Day, and both have lost members of their units. And both have lost members of their units to suicide after returning home (one unit has now lost three to suicide).

      While it may be bittersweet to families and veterans, I think it means a lot that people remember their loved ones who have served. So few people in the U.S. are personally touched by these prolonged engagements that their family members often feel like their sacrifices have been forgotten or never acknowledged. Any recognition of the sacrifice they and their families have made means a great deal.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Thanks to all the veterans and current military! Also thanks to people like my Grandpa who signed up to serve in WW2 but couldn’t for health reasons. I’m happy so many people are willing to keep our country safe.

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