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  • Oh good, I just moved in across the street and was wondering why it wasn’t open. I saw smoke rising out of the place today, so I figured that must be a good sign.

  • seriously how many times has this place burned down?

  • I really wish Sweet Mango Cafe would close for good. It is a horrible neighbor. It engages in way to much seedy activity. It attracts loiterers and drug dealers. Patrons often litter the street with chicken bones. Bad business practice is bad business practice – whether the business is black-owned or not.

    Gentrification Genie – Please, Oh Please permanently wipe Sweet Mango Cafe away!

    • How do you know they are drug dealers? Why don’t you call the police?

    • Yes, please! I picture a Matchbox or better at that location

    • To me the worst part of sweet mango’s well-known troubles is the constant presence of a patrons car double parked IN THE DAMN STREET, even during rush hour. People throw on their blinkers and saunter in without regard for the terribly unsafe bottleneck they’ve created.

      I can’t blame the business for the actions of their patrons but it sucks to live near here and have to deal with this shitty performance over and over.

      Yes i’ve called the cops. It’s always right outside sweet mango.

    • Good question. How do you know they are drug dealers? Do the loiterers frighten you?

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