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  • I hope the food actually tastes good. I had brunch there a few months ago and aside from the decent service, I was unimpressed with pretty much everything else.

    • I agree, the brunch menu was not good. I tried the chicken and waffles, where the waffles had a ham butter that was probably the worse combination I’ve ever seen/had. There was a hottie(he) serving my table thought..

  • Nice. Their burgers are awesome. In case you didn’t know.

  • I’m so glad. I hated the options before (too few too pricey). The new menu looks SO much better. I’ll be going a lot more often now.

  • Yeah it looks like a much more reasonable price point. I’ll definitely be trying it out now.

  • is there a new chef? the times i ate there in the past, the menu seemed less of a problem than the kitchen’s inability to execute. with so few options in the neighborhood, i really want this place to be good–but i’ve since stopped going given the poor quality.

  • I wonder if the new menu will help play off of the new restaurant the owner is trying to open next year at the old firehouse in Bloomingdale…

  • I’ll give this place another shot with the new menu. Wasn’t that impressed the last couple of times I was there. Everyone’s food was pretty bland.

  • I Appreciate the clarification that the soup of the day and the daily pizza “change daily’

  • Only been there once and while I did not eat, our server was awesome. I actually met up with a friend for drinks the day after hurricane Sandy. The server profusely apologized for not having a lot of menu items because the delivery trucks were not able to make their daily rounds due to the storm. My friend wanted something small (she couldn’t stomach one of the large entrees) and the chef agreed to let her design her own salad; they gave it to us for a ridiculously cheap price.

    I noticed that their price points were a bit too high to make it a regular spot for myself. With the new menu and lower prices, this is definitely a place I can see myself visiting A LOT more frequently on a drop-in, spur-of-the-moment basis.

    Thumbs up. I hope they do gangbusters.

    • I visited after Crafty Bastards and had a pretty terrible brunch experience. The menu was uninspired then, and the server disappeared for a long time. We had to remind him that we had ordered food, and when it came out you could tell that the kitchen was confused. The potatoes weren’t fully cooked. There were two eggs Benedict-like menu items, and for some reason my order included one of each on the plate. At least the place looks cool inside?

  • novadancer

    I welcome a few more salads but am sad to see the black eyed pea salad and the risotto disappear from the menu. Will definitely try again now that the prices are a little more reasonable.

  • $7 sauteed spinach or asparagus. Better be amazing.

  • I tried their pulled pork sandwich yesterday, it was pretty solid.

    I never did find out what “House Spun Soup” meant.

  • We went the first day they rolled out the new menu. I suspect they did get a new chef as I didn’t see the normal tall, blonde guy. My fiancee got the Oyster po’ boy which she quite enjoyed and I got the ribs. The sauce on the ribs was great but the ribs themselves were pretty chewy. The sides were great though. Overall, I’d say that I welcome the new menu and it’s slightly friendlier price point, especially since it’s so close to my place. I look forward to trying some of the other things, though I still prefer Boundary Stone.

    And, as always, the service still leads something to be desired, though it has gotten better.

  • We eat there pretty regularly, since the restaurant options that are walking distance from Eckington are pretty limited. Stopped in the other night with my Mom; she had the burger, I had the short rib ragu on pasta. Both were delicious–better than I remember the old menu being.

    Service was pretty shaky at the start, but they fixed that a while back. Much better now, and the expanded menu seems pretty solid.

  • Really glad to see more options for the veggie/fish eating crowd. We’ll definitely go more often now.

  • I hate to pile on, but I’ve been to S’sTavern several times and have been underwhelmed each time. The last time I went just for dessert, and neither dessert my friend and I got were very good. I really want this place to be a worthwhile destination, but they just can’t seem to make food that is consistently good.

  • BIG improvement from before, every item on the menu doesn’t bacon on it anymore. They were out of a lot of things when I was there on Sunday though.

  • They don’t have the pastry basket any more! That was my favorite things on the menu!

  • I’ve been going for brunch relatively often over the past several months and have always had good luck with the food (especially specials and the pasty basket). I went again this Sunday and it was AWFUL. Random piece of pasta in the sad assortment of pickled vegetables, unmelted sandwich slice of cheddar sticking out of the omelet, etc. If you didn’t like the food before, I seriously doubt you’ll like it better now.

    • We are so sorry about your experience last Sunday, it was the first weekend of our new menu and the kitchen got a bit overwhelmed especially for brunch. We hope you come back and give us another try!

  • Two different nights with 2 different groups. Not impressed. Although the dishes all sound good, they came out tasting like standard bar food. I’d rather they pare down the ingredients and have much better simple fare than trying to throw so many flavors in one dish that comes out bland.

    Biggest disappointment (other than value for money) were the desserts. The old desserts were sometimes great, sometimes clearly not for me, but there was always an effort to experiment. The pecan and pumpkin pies we had recently were downright unappealing. I’ve had frozen that tasted better.

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