Scuttlebutt Confirmed – District Taco Coming to Capitol Hill

656 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Back in June I shared some scuttlebutt that District Taco could be moving into the former YES! Organic Market space at 656 Pennsylvania Ave, SE (YES! has moved to Barracks Row.)

The Washington Post now confirms the Capitol Hill location:

“District Taco plans to open its latest operation in the former Yes! Organic Market at 656 Pennsylvania Ave. SE. The owners are aiming for a January/February launch date on their third brick-and-mortar location, following their original taqueria in Arlington and their D.C. debut on F Street NW.”

District Taco opened their 1309 F Street, NW location in the former Funxion space back in May.

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  • Can someone explain the hype / lines at District Taco? I’ve been twice and I was, to put it mildly, underwhemed. No where near the quality of, say, Taqueria Distrito Federal or Surfside, and I even prefer Moe’s — yes, the chain — across the street downtown. I just don’t get why people get so excited for this place …

    • See, I’ve never had a great experience at Moe’s. Always had a good experience at DT.

    • Ouch…

      Why? Let us know. We’d love to fix the problem or steer you to some of our items that may be better for you. Just contact us at, and one of us will respond.

      -Marc and Osiris

      • District Taco guys, appreciate the responsiveness! The first time I went, my order was messed up, missing several items I had asked for. I probably should have asked for it to be fixed, but after the really long wait, I just didn’t have the patience. The second time I got what I asked for, but it just wasn’t to my liking. If memory serves, I thought it was super salty and the meat seemed to overwhelm (both in volume and flavor) the other ingredients. It seems like I am a VERY small minority given the massive lines at your establishment in downtown D.C., so it could just be a matter of what lots of folks love, isn’t my style …

        • Thanks for the feedback. Sorry about the wrong order. If you come back, please ask for the manager and explain what happened. He will take care of you.

          Regarding the saltiness, point taken. Hopefully you will try us again and have a better experience.


    • Um, yeah… Moe’s doesn’t compare at all to DT. If you like American-style tacos, then go right ahead, but DT is the real deal.

    • You can’t be serious! You lost all credibility as soon as you said that Moe’s was better than DT. Blasphemy!

  • I am excited for this! I was just saying yesteday that I’d like more to-go places in this area. We have a ton of great sit down places but not many quick lunch options. (Boycotting Spring Mill Bread because the cashier refused to give me the wifi password because I only bought coffee and a muffin……..)

    • Yeah, Tortilla Cafe is decent but I don’t think their tacos are that great. A taco shop sounds fantastic, and I’m happy that it will be bringing more foot traffic down that side of Pennsylvania Ave. Aside from Sapore that area is a bit of a dead zone right now.

      • Do people shop at Sapore? It always seems empty when I walk by.

        • I do! Every other week or so I buy a new olive oil or vinegar to add to my collection. It’s also my go-to source for gifts when I don’t have any other ideas. And there are usually a couple customers browsing when I go in, although I’m typically there on the weekends when it’s busier.

      • Agreed, Tortilla Cafe’s tacos are not great – it’s the tamales that make that place worthwhile!

    • That is seriously ridiculous about the wifi password. What gives?!

      • I think they only have one table and two chairs in there. I guess they don’t want people taking them up for very long.

        • You’re right, there isn’t a lot of seating in there but it was 10am.. and dead… AND they advertise free wifi! It would have been fine if the man had an excuse but he laughed in my face and said something along the lines of “maybe if you bought more than a coffee and muffin.” It was so rude.

  • Awesome news. I was excited by Chipotle, but the one that opened on Barrack’s Row has some serious staffing issues, even a couple of months into its existence. And Tortilla Cafe always seems to be closed when I want tacos, like after 7pm.

  • i’d eat a taco there.

  • This just made my motherf****ing day….Assuming this construction goes as well and quickly as all the other new restaurant spaces in DC, “January/February launch date” means, what, 2016 or so?

  • Hooray! DT is the closest thing to authentic “California style” Mexican in town. If a girl from San Diego cant’ have weather like at home, at least she’s got tacos.

  • I said it yesterday in the Lime again.. DT are the best thing to Mexico City Tacos in Washington. I love it more everytime..and especially that the staff gets what the food is about. I’m also impressed that no matter how complicated I might get, they don’t blink an eye and always get it right. Congrats !!
    Now open another shop on 14th.. the hood is ripe for good tacos in a smart decor thats doesn’t get lost in fab. Please get real Mexican Queso and Crema, the gringo cheese and sour cream are almost an insult to the other classy toppings.

  • Woohoo!! I’ve lived in this neighborhood for almost 30 yrs now and have watched it change for the good and for the worst….District Taco is where it is at! I can def get behind this coming to Capitol Hill… (I like Chipotle but I wasn’t crazy about it coming to the neighborhood-but DT BLOWS them away!)
    Can’t Wait!!!!

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